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for Chronicles of GAIA: The resurrection of the maiden

12/2/2008 c6 1xXxChoco-BunnyxXx
awesome story plz update!
10/25/2008 c1 nonamexxxxx
I think that you're mixing in Fushigi Yugi and Escaflowne into Naruto... great! It's an interesting mix.
7/24/2008 c6 12Celtic Harmony
good story so far! this is sounding a lot like an Escaflowne Naruto x-over. please update soon.
7/18/2008 c6 5Anaila
Pinay ka pala, can you please continue your story for me?, I think your story has some resemblance to Curious Play and another anime which I forgot what the title was... Please update!... I reaally like your story!
12/23/2007 c6 silverymoonfire
nice story

update soon :)
8/27/2007 c6 fuyukoigokoro
o m g.

how in the freakin long do u have to update.

hurry it up

i want to kno what happens next!

please email me back.
6/26/2007 c6 1Cardamom Queen
Very nice, it was properly written and it is captivating. But OYu need to watch out for punctuation, capitalization, and spelling. But otherwise it's great! UPDATE!
5/13/2007 c6 1AmethystPhantom
PLEASE up date soon!
3/5/2007 c6 5shurikengrl
can't wait for next chapter!^_~
3/5/2007 c2 shurikengrl
2/22/2007 c6 10Jenix
This si the coolest story ever! Update soon!
2/18/2007 c2 2pRettY-iN-bLacK21
Thanx for all the reviews!

I never imagined that my story would have such wonderful readers like you!

thanx a many! wafuu! mwaahh! salamat!

2/15/2007 c6 1Kotone111
i love thisstory its really cool i wnder whats gonna happen next i cant wait
2/8/2007 c6 1LadyLight01050
hey NICE story, when are you going to post your gundam story? im looking forward to it. ohand... UPDATE this fic i like it too
2/2/2007 c6 kati-chan
continue/ make more stories like this!

u gotta love the stories...
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