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8/26/2020 c27 3Vein Bloodborne
Great story, hope that you can give us some more Zoids adventures. Perhaps even with Code Geass.
8/8/2017 c27 1Ying the Nine Tail Fox
This story is amazing. Have you thought about doing a sequel about this story. About when they came through the gate to Planet Zi.
1/10/2017 c27 PikachuStark
Best Crossover of crossovers... great story, to fav and 10 haha...keep writing ff like this :D
5/27/2016 c27 Drifter950
Thank you very much for sharing your story with us.

I have heard of Zoids but not really been that interested. I think you have changed that.

(Grin) I think I will check out “your” Digiman stories. With this story as a good check sample, they have to better than the ones I stumbled into before (shudder).

Again, thank you for sharing your stories.

May the MUSE always be with you!
2/27/2016 c1 35Potterformers
Since Shadow is an organoid maybe you should use a Liger Zero or a Shadow Fox, but that would be a bit clique.
2/4/2015 c27 strabimonx
Sequel please
10/15/2013 c9 65Tactition101
You have a good idea here but you keep forgetting the n when you write neither.
7/3/2013 c27 Ranmaleopard
this is awesome i would love to see another naruto zoids crossover there arent enough good ones!
7/3/2013 c18 Ranmaleopard
do you have a picture of Rogue Liger? does it still have alternate armors?
6/18/2011 c1 Black Ace 0
5/10/2010 c1 dsfsd
So...,.,.,. NarutoXFiona when Naruto gets to planet Z?
2/17/2010 c27 3A Dragon Knight
This is a great story, well plot bout and all. I liked how you concludes the story, you left it open for a sequel.

Speaking sequels, do you plan on writing one for this story?

If not you should put it up as a challenge for other writers.

Anyways, loved the story.

Ja Ne!
5/21/2009 c27 StackerWlf
will their be a sequel to this story where the gate opens again or even just a story with Taichi's adventures in Zi. perhaps you could even make it so that naruto becomes immortal somehow and makes his way back to the elemental countries to see how they did with their technology.
5/21/2009 c1 StackerWlf
I am wondering which of the zoids animes or mangas you are taking this from. I have only watched zoids new century so I admit I have very little knowledge about zoids and the organoid system.
4/11/2009 c27 Secret Weapon Unit 06
Are you going to continue this fic?
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