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for Darien and Harry Potter

5/12/2008 c2 Tracy
i really like that you have Dare love Harry so much instead of turning him into an arrogant prat like everyone else does. hope you update soon!
4/9/2008 c2 2kitteh lova
this story is really good. baby harry seems so cute. update soon please!
3/29/2008 c1 16hA-UkA
Aww, both the kids are so sweet.
3/10/2008 c2 2Midday Moonlight
hey this is awesome update some more and i will read it
1/2/2008 c2 Warrior Priestess
Good Idea. I always belived in Lily's maternal instinct. Pls Update.
10/13/2007 c2 your.worst.nightmare
what 3 month old baby can speak? its unheard of.

apparation at that young age inside anti-apparation wards? doubtful.

even if peter was stone cold drunk i doubt he would go spilling any of the potters secrets

also Dare from darien? where on earth did you get that?

you also state harrys crib is moved into dariens room then why does he suddenly have to go again at night to find harry again in another part of the house? you know, if harrys crib was just moved into dariens room? you have contradicted yourself mayb you should re-read what you have written...
10/8/2007 c2 monkey's ninja
aw...poor Harry! Excellent job in writing this piece. My Rating-10!
9/18/2007 c2 3Darcy19
I love this story so much, but is very sad to find out that its only two chapters long, and haven't been updated in a year. I wanted to know if you quit on this story so that I would know whether or not to be expecting another chapter. If you could please write me back with an answer
8/18/2007 c2 6Tiffany's Hogwarts Secrets
oh how cruel of James lol

Please write more I am really interested in how this turns out

please keep the family alive and leave Harry with his scar alive

Seeing the family dead wouldn't be good for this story I can see :]
8/14/2007 c2 7Isolde Eris
Can't wait for your uddate!
7/30/2007 c2 misnight
this is such a good story, yet when i saw the last time u updated i nearly cried. its been so long! please update soon!
6/30/2007 c2 Blackmusasabi
o the plot thickens! Loving it so far, please update soon!

Take care,

B.M. :)
6/21/2007 c2 Ella1331
I loved it so much.
5/1/2007 c2 2SaKuRa-MIna
Uh Oh. James is being a prat to Harry. I'm glad that Lily is finally taking care of Harry. I'm also very glad that Remus is Harry's godfather. Peter creeps me out. I think he has an unusual obsession with Harry. Darien and Harry are so cute. The brotherly love is adorable. I also love that Darien and the Weasley twins are friends, that is going to make for some interesting trouble. I can't wait to read what happens next. Keep up the great work and good luck.
4/20/2007 c2 disgruntledfairy
WOW! I love your story. It's really late for me especially after working all day so I don't have very much constructive criticism. Just that I think that your story is phenomenal and I hope that you update again soon!
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