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for Darien and Harry Potter

6/30/2006 c1 Kat
Awsome story. Hope your gonna keep going.
6/25/2006 c1 PeaceBeyond
cute..update soon
6/18/2006 c1 lady sakura cosmos
I like it
6/14/2006 c1 DebsTheSnapeFan
this sounds cool, i do hope he ends up in slytherin, and perhaps even as severus snape as a gardian or somthing. if not then im not sure about reading it, especially if its a DM/HP story. if sev is a gardian then i suppose i could read it. however you have a really good story going so far! really good. update soon
6/11/2006 c1 Pip
I'm loving this new story cat! Dariens such a sweetie! I'm sorry bout all the crap thats been going on, I hope you feel better soon! I'm patiently awaiting your next chapter, don't kill yourself getting them done! laterz!

6/11/2006 c1 1Daisydill
I feel sorry for Harry, and hope that Darien does't get bored of Harry, because I get the idea that he will be the only one giving Harry any sort of attention. I love the beginning, and hope to see more!
6/8/2006 c1 2Lucky4ever
i've been looking for stories all the time, all of them updated around this time, but continue and update soon plz!
6/7/2006 c1 Silver Slytherin
I love this story. There are so few sibling stories in which the siblings actually get along. You are an excellent writer.

6/7/2006 c1 22DaggersBloodPain
this story is very good so far cant wait to see where you take it
6/7/2006 c1 6nurielle
i think that this is a great start to a story that im interested in reading. i like how the first chapter was long and detailed. im putting this on story alert.
6/7/2006 c1 4jka1
this is an excellent start to a great story i can just tell that harry is going to end up neglected which is really sad i hope he doesnt get abused or anything and i hope that darien will be a great brother to harry anyway i hope you update soon ^-^
6/7/2006 c1 3xoverfan4ever
This is a great story. Could you please update it soon. Maybe on June 14. That's the day I finish school.
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