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7/17/2010 c17 54WyldClaw
neato! so according to Lazuli Meena, starshower's goals in this world are 'right the wrongs that its inhabitants have made, to reunite ponies, to renew the world and to bring it new life"

the description of Lazuli Meena, is wonderful!

7/2/2010 c16 WyldClaw
How will Starshine open the doors?
5/25/2010 c15 WyldClaw
Will the other ponies accept Starshowert like little fribble has?

the prophecy is so cool:

Rainbow gracing,

Black as midnight sky.

Stars sparkling,

Fallen from the sky.

Our city you will save,

Arising our world from the grave.

Prophesies fulfilling,

See through the Eye.

Power conquering,

The future beheld in your eye.

Unleashing the Mountain's power,

Forcing our enemies to cower,

What' the room of glass?
5/12/2010 c15 24Queen Sunstar
another good chapter! I am very intrigged by Starshower now.
4/12/2010 c14 Shy Wysteria
I don't think that the last review has done your fan-fic any justice. You've actually captured me with your plot, it has that level of mystery that makes it enjoyable.

Your portrayal of Starshower made my skin tingle . . . literally. The changing from white to black was an excellent touch (one I was expecting, strangely). It's also interesting to think of the white and black issue (at least for me): White, reflecting all color wavelengths, is devoid of color, while black, absorbing all color wavelengths, is devoid of light. I've taken physics, so my think-before-I-spe-I mean type brain made me think of this and type it out.

I don't hope you update soon; I hope you update when the next chapter is nice and ready (I noticed that you began this in 2006, so I don't know whether that '15th of the month' thing is currently in use).

I will await eagerly for the next installation. Again, update when it's ready!

P.S. You say you like constructive criticism? I found a few things that could use fixing, if you're interested. *Gets up, slips, falls off chair onto floor, laughs and runs in place*
4/12/2010 c14 mitchell
nice chapter update soon please
3/14/2010 c7 15MysticGohan88
Their eccentric? Like over the top, hyper as can be, eccentric? Sounds intersting. Update soon.
3/14/2010 c6 MysticGohan88
Yup! The evil has finally arrived! Quick, run in terror screaming! Update soon :D
3/14/2010 c4 MysticGohan88
Heh, the bushwillies were always abit ectenric.
3/14/2010 c3 MysticGohan88
So Starshower wasnt born with magic, or a symbol. So, she has to discover her inner power in order to defeat a darkness I beat! Seems like a fanfic Im used to reading, but I like that! Update/
3/14/2010 c2 MysticGohan88
Oh no! These things can capture one when they dont think of happy thoughts? Update soon! Im really curious about what these enemies our.
3/14/2010 c1 MysticGohan88
Starshower, what did she mean by they? Whose they? What did they have control over? So many questions! Update.
2/17/2010 c13 mitchell
update soon please
8/4/2008 c11 54WyldClaw
I love the description of the Seven. I can just close my eyes and see them in my mind.

Did Starshower pass her magic test?

I can't wait to see the display of the Power of the Rainbow
6/22/2008 c10 WyldClaw
Yes, I am still reading this wonderful story. I liked how the ponies had the food fight, mud fight and watter fight all in one day.

I think Starshower's descion not to tell Amber that Ember and Moonie were going to sak her was a good one.

What will the Ebious insectus's bite do to Appletart?
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