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for Sesshomaru and Seina: Adventurous Playmate

7/19/2007 c11 KiraKitsune24
*Deep breath* FIRST PERSON! . lolz =] This is SUCH a great story so fars, pwese continue? Oh yeah, I think that first person would be awsome, cause then the readers would be able to fully understand how the peoples feel... I guess lol =]
3/14/2007 c7 5Mz. Hunnie Dip
great chapter plz update soon!
3/14/2007 c7 11White Alchemist Taya
the chapters ok.
3/8/2007 c6 White Alchemist Taya
i'm confused.

i thought they were fighting kouga but it turns out to be inuyasha?
3/7/2007 c6 5Mz. Hunnie Dip
Wow Seina can blow off on somebody. great chapter plz update soon!
2/7/2007 c5 11White Alchemist Taya
thats inuyasha isn't it?

i bet its inuyasha.
2/7/2007 c4 White Alchemist Taya
aw..that is cute.
1/25/2007 c5 5Mz. Hunnie Dip
uh oh thats inuyasha. good chap plz update soon
1/1/2007 c4 Mz. Hunnie Dip
good chapter plz update soon! Happy New Year!
11/14/2006 c3 Mz. Hunnie Dip
aww thats so sweet...
11/14/2006 c2 Mz. Hunnie Dip
oh gettin good...
11/14/2006 c1 Mz. Hunnie Dip
good 1st chapter.
6/30/2006 c3 11White Alchemist Taya

this is great!

update soon!~
6/30/2006 c2 White Alchemist Taya
nice chapter
6/30/2006 c1 White Alchemist Taya
nice beginning.

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