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7/9/2008 c1 71DaiHelsing
Yay, the first chapter is great;). I like it. Jack's awesome, isn't he? Yay. I like such a rebellious characters like CJ.
6/5/2008 c16 2xBrokenDreamerx
holy shit no way i cant believe that they are getting together for real now and not to mention going back to the mercers where jack is. this should be good update soon XD
6/5/2008 c16 Kaite-Kat Sam
VICTORIA! HER NAME IS VICTORIA!1...i think anyway lol.

*sing song voice* loved it!

update as soon as you can


4/13/2008 c15 punchdrunktrue

Update as soon as possible. I'm running blank on ideas here now though...sorry.
4/10/2008 c15 xBrokenDreamerx
holy shit thats all i have to say lol. i so did not see that one coming. i cant wait to see what happened with jack and carmen after they left and came back lol. i'm sure it should be interesting. i wonder just who will be the one to find her and take her home. update soon XD
4/10/2008 c15 4XNegAttentionX
Okay, so she kind of redeemed herself, but I still don't like her lmao (aren't I so nice?)

Poor Bobby...But obv. you aren't gonna leave him all broken hearted (not that he'd admit it) are you?

4/9/2008 c14 HermioneandMarcus
Great story i can not wait to read more of it so please update as soon as you can please
3/9/2008 c14 XNegAttentionX
lalalalalala...still hate carmen (sorry!) jack's too good for her! LMAO, she def. needs to be with Bobby!

3/7/2008 c14 Sam
I'm too lazy to sign in right now but if you don't know who the fuck this is ill have to shoot you.

Its good,update soon.

(P.S: happy now?)
3/7/2008 c14 2xBrokenDreamerx
wow i think that this chapter turned out rather nicely if i do say so myself. i like the twist that you added at the end very dramatic. i wonder where you're gonna take this one. update soon XD
3/6/2008 c14 4Hot4Garrett
Good stuff and great use of the Taylor Swift song!
2/27/2008 c13 Sarah
I LOVE this story!
2/27/2008 c13 punchdrunktrue
Now see i'm mad at you. I checked my e-mail and saw an update for this and i got excited that it was something new. BUT I ALREADY READ MOST OF THIS! So now my dreams and hopes are crushed. I hope your happy. :(

Lots of love, Sam
2/25/2008 c13 2xBrokenDreamerx
well it was still a good update even though i read it previously lol. i cant wait to see where you take it. email me if you need help. update soon XD
12/14/2007 c12 1sykee
Great chapter!

Update soon?
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