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6/11/2006 c1 12Dragon Chyld
Short and very sweet! I can see Albel feeling that way, but I also think he wouldn't tell for more than just that one reason (but that would be the only reason he would admit to - even to himself - so not to feel weak). Do another one?
6/11/2006 c1 8LilyGinnyBlack
Wow, what an amazing one-shot! O.O I thought it was beautiful, even more so, since you seemed to mix story writing with poetry. I love that kind of combination; always makes for something lovely. Really, you did a great job with this, so don't put yourself down so much, okay? Good job and I hope to see some more from you! :D

6/11/2006 c1 12Miss Nox
For being so short, that wa so sweet, and really cute- this is exactly how albel would see sophia if they were to be together!
6/11/2006 c1 22Monochromatic Pylon
This is short, but it seems so real. Albel having a one-sided love for Sophia...
6/10/2006 c1 kemix
hmm not bad but try and make the chapters longer than this one.
6/9/2006 c1 1keeki
That was so emotional for being so short. Unrequitted love, yes it is very sad. It seems very IC for Albel too, I can see him going through something like that over Sophia. And yes, I did enjoy it.

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