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for Meg Gets Adopted

6/14/2012 c9 2angelvan105
I wish Meg did stay with her new family she seem to be much happier and treat better than her family ever did! This story should be on the Family guy of ones of episodes truly heart warming and learning experience for her family! of reason why so so important! She ones of my favorite character! I love her sweetness! good job!
8/4/2011 c9 4Rocket6923
This story was nothing short of awesome! You did a wonderful job of making me feel for Meg's pain as well as doing something about it. This is definitely going into my favorites!
5/19/2011 c5 supersexyghotmew95
this was a good story
9/25/2010 c8 FixIt
You know this is a cross over right?
10/24/2008 c1 somethingthatisn'tmyoldname
My god it seems like everyone is using Brian's Basement joke now. =/

A good fan fiction though, Joe beating Peter was hilarious.
7/14/2008 c9 2Loving-Chakra
that was a nice story! good job. love the thing with the king of the hills
3/30/2008 c9 1Poetlaureate498
That was a really funny story! Great job! I really liked how the Hills and the Griffins met each other. That's cool.
1/5/2008 c9 28SLPikachu
Good story!
4/22/2007 c9 6Sour Sizzle
That was really good. i didn't even know it was a FG/King of the hill crossover until half way through the story. good job!
1/16/2007 c9 74Ellivia22
hehe I loved the ending! That was a great story. I hate how they treat Meg in the show. Anyway, great job. ~Raven0526~
12/25/2006 c9 1Lovely Dork
Bit weird, and peter was really mean in this. but he usually is. I loved it.
9/28/2006 c9 16Freebird87
Man, Peter si a bad father.
8/15/2006 c9 stephdafluff
hm yup sir i like it ^.^
8/9/2006 c1 2krazykid47
poor meg. great story it was funny. i liked it. it was one of the greatest stories i have ever read on here. poor meg
7/6/2006 c2 4BakaKenshin
Nice, you truly captured the Family Guy essence, but Peter is too harsh on Meg. Just a little.
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