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for Jinxed For Life

1/4/2019 c46 Guest
Absolute shit fic like wheres the happy ending? Is this even a jinx fic or an 8 year old having a horny day dream
11/12/2018 c46 2Zim-Card Story
this story was amazing, my heart, my soul, blessed, one of the best Fanfics of TT I have ever read; it's like, the feeling where you just don't feel like reading another fanfic after taking time to admire this one! this is amazing because 1) You really did super well on the HIVE/Villains personality and how they kinda like Left their old evil ways, 2) I love how you put insight of Wally and Jinx' relationship, I figured they were gonna split near the end 3)The humor was AMAZING! good laughs, I almost threw my phone at the part Wally kinda outright sounded gay to Seymour 4) how the HIVE treat each other was powerful like, of course they are horrible roommates and that was such a MOOD! Kyd, the one trying to keep his troubles inside and basically begging Billy not to tell on him, Mammoth the Housewife, Billy, you're average almost legal man and Seymour, the one you might mistaken as a gay best friend only to be some asshole who will trick you with his nerd-iness 5) holy heck, everything, just everything

my heart is blessed, Bless you writer! have a swell life my dear

-️Zim Card
1/9/2017 c31 Crushcrush12
Jajajajajajjaajaja XDD
2/18/2015 c46 jenniilex3
Noooo... Jinx and wally did What?!
1/31/2015 c46 angellovsyaoi
Dang...how did you wrap everything up so well...
1/29/2015 c33 angellovsyaoi
Haha. I'd be flattered
1/29/2015 c31 angellovsyaoi
I love how you pop up n the story
1/28/2015 c17 angellovsyaoi
Wow the more I read the more the HIVE seem more and more normal. I little misguided yes but not evil.
1/27/2015 c2 angellovsyaoi
Oohhhhhhhhh wats the spare spare room for?
1/26/2015 c21 Hi
Is see more blind coz I remember u writing about how he had white pupils or something and then all of a sudden he acts like he sees everything I mean seriously even that doesn't happen in cartoons
1/21/2015 c1 Hi
Ur story is good so far I just don't like how they have a few unnesesary words coz in the real Titans cartoon they wouldn't say the f word or the b word and I don't think that billy drinks beer.
4/30/2014 c14 6Ka-tay's mind
Oh dear, not Montego!
4/27/2014 c13 Ka-tay's mind
Basically, people that are suppose to be bad guys are just chilling in Titans Tower.
4/27/2014 c12 Ka-tay's mind
XL Terrestial, huh?
4/27/2014 c11 Ka-tay's mind
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