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12/12/2002 c15 Margaret
Very nice ending:)
12/11/2002 c2 9mystlady
WOW, How is this going to turn out with the different time period? Good luck ^_~
9/6/2002 c13 Margaret
Oh dang please continue!
4/12/2002 c13 Warrior Princess
hey. Decided to change nickname from Mocha*genie back to warrior princess so that you know who I am(hopefully :p) Anyhow. oki..short chapter it is, what do you have in mind? Just continue the TBC oki? Look forward to reading more of your stories (as always) and yeah. You definitely corrupted me! Ciao
3/12/2002 c13 X5-471
2/6/2002 c12 mochagenie
Helloowee! What are you thinking? Don't tell me MAX is gonna die again...u made him sound so evil..he wouldn't make anyone suffer (would he?)...and where has Max gone? She let go of Kivar then disappeared? Please please please finish up the story...you know it's midterm coming...so stop left us hanging like this..
12/15/2001 c12 RadioActive Monkey
This was really good! I wasn't sure how it was going to end for a minute there. Sorry that I missed out on this for such a long time. I look forward to reading over your shoulder again in January.
11/28/2001 c12 maverick
ya cant leave me hanging like that... come on or Ill end up like logan
11/12/2001 c12 68Psycho Goddess
that is NOT the end... i'll have to kick your ass if you leave it unfinished ;)
10/28/2001 c12 bb
please write more its so good please i want to see max and logan kiss in this story please please
10/5/2001 c12 30Original Max A
Great. For the first roswell/DA crossover I ever saw I can say it was done right. Thanx
10/2/2001 c12 Zanna
Hmmmm...after such a long wait for the end, this did seem a bit rushed. Even with the building crumbling around them, I'm not sure Max would have been able to resist making some kind of smart ass remark before killing Kivar. And I would have liked Logan to have been more present in this last chapter rather than just being the guy in a wheelchair. Just having him have some kind of eye contact with Max E., some way in which his personality could show through, would have been enough. Otherwise, this was a very interesting story. Crossovers can be very difficult to carry off, but I think this one worked.
10/1/2001 c12 MochaGenie
Yeh! Max kicking alien butt. I luv that. Keep writing more..please..please..pleeeeeaaassssseeee. So hopefully Logan's gonna be alright. Him dead is the last thing I wanted to read about. You promised a happy ending don't forget. Btw, I blame you totally for the "Logan dying" idea (if you saw dark angel season 2, you'll know what I mean =P) anywayz, keep up the coolest writing ever..and post the next chapter sooooon. Laters.
10/1/2001 c12 ann
Wte more as soon asyou can. It can not be over yet. maybe you can even write a sequal.
9/30/2001 c12 motorcycleangelmargaret
so is this the end? if it is it was great but if not please continue!
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