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11/13/2007 c1 10ShadowWolfDagger
Awesome X-Men oneshot, can't wait to read your future stories. i normally don't like oneshots, but this was really cool.

2/28/2007 c1 9Miouhaneun
Wonderful, yet again you make your characters come to life in an almost creepy way.
9/21/2006 c1 2Nayerzish
Aw. That was so good Jess! (Nice song choice too). :)

8/22/2006 c1 5Black Sorceress
I loved this, it was great! You should do a sequel . . .
6/17/2006 c1 1Time and Fate
it was good, really really good
6/17/2006 c1 3Hedwig518
oh this looks good. A little different twist, I like it. Oh and great job on the mutant pick up, most people rush though it and it seems really unrealilictic (sp?), but you did a really good job. Pyro's attitude is great. The only thing is the Britt's powers are very cliche, expecially for a pyrooc story. Perhaps you should make her a telekinetic/precog (can move things with her mind and see in the future). Or write another story with a girl for pyro with these powers. I've always wanted to read one.

Anyways, you're writing style is very nice, good story keep it up.
6/13/2006 c1 InsaneWolf666
A man (much older than she was) stepped (or rather wheeled) closer into the light. He was completely bald, with crinkles around his eyes and he had a serious expression, although he did not look unkind.

~ Brackets break up the fluidity of a story, hiccuping the smoothness of the reading. It would be advised to either replace them with commas, or remove the bracketted facts altogether.

“You know what I did recently? Before you came to the school?” he said, voice raising a syllable

~ The word you're looking for, rather than syllable, is decible.

Sorry if this comment seemed brash, it was not my intention.
6/13/2006 c1 4wolf.gren
Aww, it was really sweet, thanks for writing such a great story!
6/13/2006 c1 30ButterCowLuvr
That was a very cool one shot on Pyro..I don't know that much about him, so I don't know if you got the characterization correct...sorry...but it seems good. Anyway...I liked that.
6/13/2006 c1 6QueenieMeanie
Oh wow, I loved it. Lol. You got me worked up, I feel so sorry for them. Poor Britt. You did a great job with Johns character. You should consider writing a novel length fic with him. I'd read and review it. Well anyway, good job!

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