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for Bluff and Love

7/22/2011 c2 4Loveydove
this is supposed to be a sakusaasu so she doesn't ahve to the the nasty/make love with Itachi right? that would be yuck, he should make her be sasuke's love slave. :)
3/16/2009 c2 chococats4444
plz hurry up on da next chapter, ... OR ELSE!
3/27/2008 c1 yatsukeoishi
3/4/2008 c2 eternalwhimsy
cool chapter
3/1/2008 c2 deedee2034
plz update soon! i love it! keep on rocking it! love ya! :p
3/1/2008 c2 5seguha
10/10/2007 c1 gwapakho
hey! thats from my girl! i love that korean drama! lee dong wook is so handsome and i like lee da hea too! i also liked the story...
10/3/2007 c2 french cries
sounds like an intresting story. update/fix the story soon!
9/27/2007 c1 animeluver913
I NOE THIS PLOT! its from the korean drama -My Girl- omfg and the grandpa is against like lying and the girl pretends to be the granddaughter n ya... the guy has to give he like a present eveytime the snow falls...
9/27/2007 c2 kt
weel, i really like this story, so YOU BETTER UPDATE SOON!

*whimper* have mercy and update.

8/16/2007 c1 eternalwhimsy
great story!
12/30/2006 c1 crazy phyco killer
so far so good! update soon please! btw LUV the story! see ya!
11/3/2006 c1 13loveleighalissa
Sounds good, update soon
11/1/2006 c2 yukifangil1234
OK if your in love you feel sick when he talks about the girl he likes and you you wish the other girl will just drop dead and only people who think they are ugly truly are! i know this sounds corny but what really counts is what is on the inside andreally if you think about it 'ugly' people are lucky they truly know if a person loves them and isnt just using them...sorry started talking about myself there my boyfriend just up and forgot about me the the i moved im still a bit bitter try to update the plot is great and good luck with that guy!
10/31/2006 c1 5saim
i think the idea is original and completely undone but... you should update! i like it.
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