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10/30/2009 c1 Rise of Shadowmass
The last two sentences were my favorite.
2/18/2009 c1 4Birdgirl204
Yeah, that's pretty much how school works. I don't think that he'd get called down for "B"s, though - even in the book, he says that "if I got Bs, Darry wanted As. If I got As, Darry wanted to make sure they stayed that way", or something like that. And, "barely scraping by" would be Ds.

I was homeschooled until I was 12. Now I'm 18, and have this quarter off of college . . . and since my mom's in the office every day and my dad's somewhat of a spaz, I'm mostly in charge of my little brother and sister's schooling . . . they're in the 6th and 8th grades . . . little hellions, I tell ya . . . but, you do have "school" down.

And I especially like the last two lines.
9/29/2007 c1 1BlindedxxFalcon
I'd like to read more!
6/22/2006 c1 20CowahBull
That was really good! I can't wait to read the rest of it!

If you were homeschooled, then where did you come across reading Outsiders?
6/19/2006 c1 soda'sgirl
Not too bad?Its great!Update quickly!
6/15/2006 c1 milola
hey I like it! Keep it up!
6/14/2006 c1 8pyroJoe
This sounds really interesting keep going.
6/13/2006 c1 booklover81
I like it so far.
6/13/2006 c1 4Greaser4life
Wow that was really good you have an excellent style of writing i cant believe that you have never writen before. I love it! update soon please!

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