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for Ode to Erik

11/9/2015 c20 Eva Goblin
Don't remember laughing so much just by reading. What a charachter this Erik :)
6/2/2013 c20 13EwigeStudentin
I adore this story :) It's so refreshingly different, I think V wasn't called by his name even once here, just by some derogatory names that Erik came up with! And it's so fun to hear that V never cooked or cleaned his Gallery until Evey came into his life. And Evey got her portion of critique too, even tho Erik liked her a lot :D
3/6/2012 c2 11Loboscha
köstlich! splendid!

my belly hurts from laughing!
1/23/2008 c11 BlaqueCat13
Oh my God...I have never laughed so hard, I almost wet my knickers! You are pure genius! These are the best V/Evey stories that I have read so far, and I have read quite a few! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
12/28/2006 c20 fernir
hey dude

I wanted to buy tickets for eriks show, turns out his webpage doesn't even exist, are you sure he's gone touring?

couldn't he have met a nice girl harnas and ran off with her?
8/29/2006 c3 20Boducky
Heh... Martha Stewart indeed. Aw... Erik is so sweet and noble. I'd give him a scarf to wear into battle.

And I shall not get the mental image of V throwing a tantrum like a five-year-old child out of my head.

I blame you for any strange dreams I'll have tonight.
8/29/2006 c2 Boducky
Hey, V sounds like a regular Martha Stewart compared to me... Erik shouldn't complain.

I wonder if V has a special cleaning outfit? Yellow rubber gloves, a frilly white apron, perhaps? *snickers*
8/27/2006 c20 11Bastet1023
This has to be one of the funniest stories I've read. Very well written, creative, and, best of all, hilarious. My only qualm is the chapters were too short, but nevertheless I loved it! Give Erik my regards and I can't wait to read the next installment! EXCELLENT story! *adds to favorite stories*
8/24/2006 c4 3Leibchen
Can't... breathe.. laughing..too hard.. I shall post a constructiv review as soon as my lungs recover... *goes off and dies of laughter*
8/24/2006 c2 Leibchen
Hehe... silly, not "amputating", didn't you mean "Decapitating"? :D
8/21/2006 c20 5princess moon shadow
Oh,for a minute I thought you wern't continueing the story,to bad I live in America! Although I would like to visit England sometime,I hear the country side is beutiful
8/21/2006 c20 40Cleopatra Antoinette
Give Erik my happiest congrats, and I hope it all goes well. I wish I could see it, but unless I make several thousand dollares in a very short time, I will be found in my own little corner of the world in Lousisiana, U.S.A. Ah well, besides the heat, its a pretty nice place.


No, don't worry about me... I'll just go...


*starts crying uncontrolably*
8/21/2006 c20 Yoda
Augh Padwan, Why?

I am grieved!

But I shall call immediately and get tickets for his show.
8/21/2006 c20 873833
ohh no! :( ERIK! How can you leave us? WE LOVE YOU!

anyway, from where can i purchase a ticket to your performance? :P i want to see my favourite suit of armour on the stage! Sami_x
8/21/2006 c20 7peachi padwan
I would just like to thank everyone for reading & reviewing this fic...i'm so glad you like it.

I will be posting the sequel very soon (Erik will been done with his stage production soon i hope!) and i will endeavour to get more amusing connotations from our favourite lump of metal!

So when you see the seqel added, give it a read & a review and tell me and Erik what you think! Hope it soon becomes a firm favourite!

Cheers guys x
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