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for Destiny of a Shinobi

5/6/2008 c4 6Just Mat
Good story...
12/9/2007 c4 12GuyverZero
so far this is kick ass. hoping it is still a live fic peace out.

10/26/2007 c1 hull lull lull
Original twist, making Naruto find out he's a Jinchuuriki by having a drunk who doesn't recognize him tell him...
6/12/2007 c4 Guest
are you ever gonna update this story?
5/26/2007 c3 1Pamisha the Infernal
I like this story. ^_^
5/23/2007 c3 1XMatchBookX
dude just give him a harem! lol(naruto) cause now u got me wanting to see him and that Yasumi girl together... goddamn teaser.. lol anyways great story so far :D keep it up!
4/19/2007 c4 Ryan-Draven57
finish your story.
3/1/2007 c4 3quicksilv
Umm, is this story going to continue?
2/2/2007 c4 6blackshadow1006
I like the story and hope you update soon. Here's an idea you should have Yasumi and Naruto get togethey but then decide to be friends.
1/20/2007 c4 8messenger of darkness
1/4/2007 c4 Dude
The story is pretty interesting so far, but there are a couple of mistakes you should probably fix

1- Naruto's a wind element

2- Temari and Kankuro are genin, not chunin.

I hope to see an update soon!

~The Dude
12/30/2006 c4 1Pamisha the Infernal
wow! ^_^
12/30/2006 c1 Pamisha the Infernal
this is a good story so far! ^_^
11/29/2006 c4 LordHatredX
nice story
11/9/2006 c4 qasasdf
i think you should pair naruto with yasumi or w/e her name is. it just seems better than way...and easier and more believable to write since naruto left konoha and i doubt he'll go back in your doesnt seem like it...sso...yea...
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