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7/13/2016 c1 1Lady Of Order And Chaos 1995
So cute!
5/26/2014 c1 6avid-reader21
Naruto is so cute when he's confused
1/18/2013 c1 Wolvesdragonsgriffons
that was good i liked the ending and how sasuke just sood there and said dobe
9/12/2012 c1 8Wolfisis
hahaha...liked the ending to your was a bit fast but not to bad nice work.
6/30/2012 c1 midnightangel09
lol wow i loved this one-shot i dnt get to read alot of good iruka/sakura story/one-shots and i really love this couple but keep up the good work i hope to read more of your stories in the future! _
12/29/2010 c1 Yami Kozue-chii
hahaha this is a good story. i like iruka x sakura! you should write another iruka x sakura
11/20/2010 c1 raditz-360
hahahahaha! you should make another one and like HEAT IT UP :3

HELL FUCKING YAH! (i truthfully think iruka and sakura are a better couple than sakura and the dickless teme “SASUKE” yeps defnitly dickless thnk he might be a emo flat chest chick that is stupid!(no offense if you like him im just stating my opinion))
6/26/2010 c1 Kitsukami
The endding is so funny. keep up the good writing.
4/9/2010 c1 3Black-Blue Moonlight Neko
haha i wish i could burn my step sister (really theirs no relation) at the stake... i fuve it!
7/26/2009 c1 1JustCallMeWhatever

"does this make you my stepmom or him my brother"

hahahah freakin hilarious!

great one-shot, yeah

never read an irukaXsakura pairing before...i liked it!
10/11/2008 c1 luv4marines
i loved the end cute
7/10/2008 c1 22aboutright
ih! *snicker snicker* smile :)
4/25/2008 c1 blossomheartxoxo
aww cute ^^
3/26/2008 c1 1KakyoKazukiLover
LOL yes, more lemon would have been appropriate.
2/3/2008 c1 avelynn52794

That was good for writing at three in the morning.^^

I understood the last part but sadly I was just as confused about that as Naruto was.O_O
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