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1/31/2009 c2 BroadwayDisneyFan
I know this is random and hard to understan anyway. (Don't worry, i do that to. I always wrte random thigs.) But something that would amke it easier to understand would be to start a new paragraph its time somone speaks. For example

Jafar stood gaping at Jasmine, "You love me?"

Jasmine smiled a peautiful pearly smile, "Of course."

"I love you too," declared Jafar

sorry that was a realy random example, but you get the point.
8/25/2007 c1 65jafarjasmineforever2005
Good job. Break a leg in that play you're in.
3/11/2007 c16 Jordan Kintz

(chases after Haillie and Jasmine with a machine gun)
12/20/2006 c34 10DewWater
Thank you for the review, Daemon!

I was online while studying for my finals too. Unfortuantly, that is the worst habit ever, but in saying that, it also makes me a hyprocrite.

Anyways, I really appreciate the comments. I know that Makkah can also be spelled Mecca, but for some reason I just use the alternate spelling.

THANK YOU for liking my characters! (And Haillie, who is not my character, but thanks for loving her too :)) I really liked the Jafar/Jala pairing too.

Sequel, eh? *ponders* If I make one, then maybe Santa won't give me coal this year. Yeah. Huh. Better get to work, hint hint.

-Kami (DewWater)
12/20/2006 c34 Amalthea Daemon
Absobloodylutely loved it! I've been obsessed with this fic ever since I started reading it 4 days ago. Note: not a good idea to try to write additional scenes (mostly Jala/Jafar) in your mind while trying to study/take the Semeter Finals. heh heh. I definatly spaced out a few times. I will ashamadily admit I was mostly reading for the Jafar or Jala chapters. They were so cute, I couldn't take it! Now for some constructive critizim.

On the chapters where Jafar poofed to CA (haha), it seemed like not a big deal because there wasn't enough drama/emotion. Not to mention little actually happened to Jafar. You could have dragged that out a little more. Also, /I/ personally wanted Jala to go absolutely mad while Jafar was away, like by blowing things up, giving people death glares, and so on.

Obviously, I'm slightly obsessed with the Jala and Jafar pairing. Great job on it. I do believe I was cheering when they were making out and Hallie came in.

Wonderous job on the other characters (yes I did pay attention to them). Hallie, Sorrah, and the Sultania were all amazing. Espcially Hallie.

I'm going to miss reading this. *tear* Sequel? *hopeful stare*

Much respect and luck for the future,

May good winds be in yer sails, savvy?

~Amalthea Daemon

PS: Mekkah is spelled Mecca

PPS: I would have paid to see Jafar do the pirate moment. I can't find it again to quote but you probably know what I mean. (hopefully)

PS: Love the Ali song at the end. :)

...shutting up now...
11/29/2006 c32
Jafarcrazy- I'm really Haillie. Just on a different account =o

Beautiful ending Kami. :D Though I am a bit sad you didn't add the

"75 marching toilets

Purple sinks he's got 93"

lolz. I remember the day we made up that song XD
11/21/2006 c23 shadows-light91
Yes, thank you! *bows at the applause and the… strange-looking dance* Well, anyway, besides that, I plan to stay back for the remainder. It’s taken me forever to catch back up! And still keep up my long reviews. (Do you know how long those things take to type up?) You don’t have much longer to beat me either. That is, of course, unless DewWater decides to keep writing more. *hint hint*

Goody! Another Jafar chapter! Though I do hope you take my advice with the Sultana and Sorrah thing. You know, thinking about it, you haven't done a Jasmine one in FOREVER. Actually, have you even done one in Jasmine's POV? I don't remember you doing one, though I must admit that my memory isn't all that good. It's about as good as the insane Haillie. Which one, you ask? Good question.

Lol. I'm just kidding. May I ask what PWNFUL means? I've never heard that expression... lol. Or do I want to even know?

I LOVE that line. "Well, this sucks." Made me laugh. It's just so... blunt. lol.

May I ask where the banana peel came from? Was that something that was in the last chapter? Or did Genie just happen to leave his banana peels lying around?

LOL! "Don't get your feathers ruffled!" I'm going to start going around and saying that to random people I meet. "Hey dude, don't get your feathers ruffled!" *trys to ignore all of the weird looks*

I really enjoyed that last little line about how Jafar said that she couldn't resist him. It's so Jafar to sneak something in there like that. It seems in character, even though he isn't really the type to fall in love. Or at least that's the way they make him seem in the movie. I plan to allow him to fall in love when I begin my story. But I can't say more or it would give too much away. Hehe

Moved in together, huh? I think somebody's gonna need a chaperone.

Okay, Haillie, you are going to HAVE to stop writing such long reviews. I don’t know if I can keep up. Lol. I’m starting to just babble to get the amount of words that I need. Of course, you do that all the time, so I suppose that it’ll make no difference to you, but I’m supposed to leave the writer a meaningful review, which I can’t do if I keep babbling.

I really hope that Jafar does decide to wish them free. I agree with Jasmine. They do need to be set free before they both go insane. But what’s wrong with Jafar, I wonder. Other than the thing with Jala. Or is that it? (Oh, I think I may have struck the truth.

Well, I’ll be reading!

Brittani aka JaFaRCrAzY
11/13/2006 c27 2dIStUrBEd AvOCadO

You got to take down the review thing, do you know how /annoying/ it is to type over and over and over again to review? URGH!

Other then that, everything was good, except it was a filler . . . Update soon.
10/23/2006 c26 dIStUrBEd AvOCadO
Fifty more chapters will be /just/ fine for some one us . . . *grins*

I have a really good suggestion for you, I'm neomail it to you . . you might like it and it will get something I've wanted you to do for a while off my chest.

I'm still waiting for the something hug after Jala being _ (thats right JafarCrazy, you have to read the chappie not my reviews :P though I think I spoiled it in the last review . . . helk)

But please, no more children. The Sorrah thing was shocking, (okay, maybe not shocking since I helped you plan it but you get what I mean . .. ) Jala & Haillie was just wow, and then teh whole Genie turning Haillie into a genie was big, but after that the whole son thing just got creepy. I felt like I was watching that part in star wars where Darth Vader says "Luke, I am your father" over and over and over again. It went from great to sad to creepy.

That also means if this guy ends up to be Jafar's brother of something I'll have to hunt you down.

At least make sure this guy is a strong character, I'll tell you what I'm thinking in the neomail, it might help get him some character points unless you already have something planned.

Well anyways, this still was /very/ well written. Except, you know I hate teh Sultana and always will. (Unless were talking about Sultana Kiki)


-Haillie the Special
10/23/2006 c25 dIStUrBEd AvOCadO

That was an okay chappie, to short though . . . Jala's human so now something /big/ has to happen. Your right, it is an important event, but I felt like it was a little to sudden for Jafar just out of the blue saying. "Wanna be human?" Knowing him he would have some very evil scam up his sleeve. *cough*hint*cough*

Though Jala was refreshing. I like the old her and her character seemed to be strong at this point. You did her POV well. Haillie was very much in character too. But it seems like Jafar would make Haillie free before Jala. Because he saw what would happen to Haillie if no one wished anything. lolz the crazy Haillie!

Anyways . . . Update soon . . . and I'll see you tomorrow . . . I have a few ideas, so call me or email if you want them. Well see ya!

-Haillie the Special
10/19/2006 c24 dIStUrBEd AvOCadO
What . . . wait . . . I didn't plan this! OMG! Thats means I /don't/ know whats going to happen next! THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!

"And Haillie still has part of the fic in her hands."


Sorry. I just /had/ to type that!

This chapter wasn;t your best. And I know you're back to rip my head off for saying this /again/ but this was flat. I know you tried . . . but it was flat. I know the Sultana is flat . . . but it was still a pretty flat chappie in all. But since I feel bad about saying a great writer like yourself, had a sucky chappie. I will give you your violent cheers now.


And Jafarcrazy: The "Arr it be a pirate genie" line, is just Kami talking about an inside joke. It was a weird, strange, and scary joke that ended in tears from laughing so hard.

You see there is this famous line I use all the time, (besides "this will all end in tears.") and it is "Arr! It be a pirate belt!" I said it cause one of my friends asked about this one pirate looking belt I had and I said it. Then since Haillie the genie was my idea and was sort of like me, (we both talk to people that aren't really there ;) ) we had a small joke that Haillie would say "Arr! I be a pirate geine!" but then I guess Kam couldn't find I place to fit it in, I guess she just used it there. Even though it didn't make sense, it was still pretty funny.

I know. Are jokes can be pretty lame and pointless sometimes. o=

And anyways . . . when this story is finished I'll have to have Kami do something so we can still bug each other. lolz

Well I have a lot of homework ready to be finsihed, so I got to go now!

Update soon Kami!

See ya soon JafarCrazy!


-disappears into cloud of purple smoke-
10/18/2006 c22 shadows-light91
Looking back on your older chapters, it's obvious that not only has your sense of humor changed, but your writing style as well. Not in a bad way though. I really think you've grown as a writer, and like I said before, the only way you can do that is by writing more. I think that you've really improve with your writing abilities. (I'm making no comments about the humor, however. lol.)

I wonder why too...

They're going to need a lot of help and prayer to get through this, I can tell. I really like how you characterized every person as to how they show their frustration and anxiety. I think Jafar would have been exactly that way.

But why is Jafar being so cruel? Oh yeah, I forgot that he was

the same guy who is trying to take over the palace. lol. Or the castle. Same/difference, right?


10/18/2006 c21 shadows-light91
Well, I was correct. You did explain why Sorrah didn't try to talk it out with Jasmine. So I'll just shut up and finish reading the rest of the chapter.

That weather is like a blue moon; you never hardly have a comfortable day in the desert. Whew, it's hot during the day, and so cold during the night it'll freeze your toes off.

LOL! Holy llama! That's... Yeah, I'll leave it at that.

My first impression of Windstar was that she reminded me of having the personality of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast, which automatically earns you brownie points. If it matters... But now you've got me confused. What was she? An angel?

Castle? lol. I think you mean palace. Now you've really got me into thinking Beauty and the Beast style.

Well, that wasn't how I was thinking she was going to handle it, but you know, whatever works. I think the bonding moment between Jasmine and Sorrah was really sweet. Then Jafar breaks up the happy mood.

Pirate genie? Someone want to explain that one to me?

I can't believe this might all be over in such short of time. I don't know what I will do if I don't have the pleasure of trying to beat Haillie every time I leave a review. What am I to do?


10/18/2006 c20 shadows-light91
I like the fact that she was a little confused on how to react to his coming back. I would be a recluse too if I were in her shoes. She does seem a little distraught for Jala though, or at least the side of Jala we're used to seeing. Of course, you introduced a new side of Jafar, so maybe it's alright if you do that with Jala too. lol. It's sweet that she's in love. I think it's really cute. And the fact that she's a little upset with herself about it adds dimension.

Ha! That's a lie. Of course she cares that Jafar hates her. lol. Those voices are ironically similar to the one's in my head. Who'da thunk? lol.

*gasps and nearly falls over* I had totally forgotten about Iago even being there! lol. The end of the world is near!

That's so sad... What a jerk! He'd better come to his senses soon and wish her to be a human! I want to see these two together! Now! Pronto! lol. I hope that Jafar really does begin to see that they are a cute couple and are meant for each other.

As I do in all, I have one little quibble. I know that this chapter was focused on Jala, so you didn't do much with explaining what was going on with Jasmine, Sorrah, and Aladdin, but I feel that Aladdin would be doing a little more to state what was really happening than just trying to avoid Jasmine and everyone else. You know what I mean? (I don't know if you addressed it in the next chapter however, so I'll go on and see what's next!)


10/17/2006 c23
OMG! JafarCrazy is back! THE WORLD IS A HAPPY PLACE AGAIN! *cheers and does strange little dance*

Well, anyways, moving on, this chappie pwned my socks off all the way up to the little ...'s. The reaction was so, human, so real like I loved it! I got to be in Jafar's head again! (Wait. Evil trying to take over the world, is that a good thing?) And Haillie, well how can you not love Haillie? She so clear, she knows what she wants and when something happens she makes a big deal, and it's /really/ funny!

Jala saying sorry though was a little odd. She used to be this huge brave, bold, genie, now she's so weak, and cripled. It's just sad. Before you end this Jala needs to get her old "kick" back.

But in the very first few sentances, it pwned.

"Oh, Allah.

I don’t know what mad sense in mother nature caused me to take Haillie on as my own genie. Hadn’t I learned that Jala alone was enough to handle? But no, I had to take her up as soon as Jasmine’s time was up. What kind of softened idiot had I become?"

I died laughing. It sounded /so/ like something the new Jafar would say, not to metion it was worded nicely as well. Those first few sentances were just /so/ perfect! Even the

"Well, this sucks." Line was PWNFUL! And I know I've said it a million times. But you just wrote it /so well./

Then, after the ..., it started to go downhill from there. Jafar going into Jas/Laddie's room just didn't work for me. It would seem like he would go to the Sultana or something.

Oh and note to Jafar Crazy about the weird Sultana name, it's a really long and really funny story, but to sum it up, when we were doing the "Aladdin" play, one of our female friends was the Sultan, so she made it /very/ clear she was the Sultana, not Sultan. And that starts it. lolz, to sum up the play it was a very gender confused sort of thing. And Kami (Jafar) dropped the lamp at her moment in the spotlight! And I had to sing A Whole New World. *shudder* Which is why the joke with the Sultana and Jafar was created. ;) Okay . . . enough history, onto the review.

So anyways, the Men lines also didn't do anything for me. I've heard them to many times and I didn't feel they were used at the right moment. It just didn't work for me. But anyways, it was a great chappie, update soon!

JafarCrazy: I will beat you! You got 435 words! *sob*

-Haillie the Special
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