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for Duke Fest 2006 and How it Came to Be!

11/22/2012 c11 Sissy Duke
I really have to say wow on this story. A really different kind of ff. Just like with any story there are things i didnt like but it was still an amazing story.
7/16/2006 c11 3Shara2007
I loved it you had me beliveing that Dukesfest was with the charaters. You could always bring be a love life for Bo. I loved this story and will be looking forward to your next one.

7/12/2006 c11 14SamwiseAtHeart
That was really great. It's good to see neighborly things happen and good kindness. Thanks for a wonderful chapter
7/12/2006 c11 69Sparkle731
I really liked this story. could see a sequal sometime in the future. LOL. Maybe this time, it could Bo's old girlfriends who all show up LOL
7/12/2006 c11 43Beth Smith
Heya, Dixie!

Yet another awesome chapter! I can't wait for more!

I met Rick Hurst aka Cletus this week at Cooter's in Gatlinburg! He was SO sweet!

7/8/2006 c10 3Shara2007
I loved it and I think you should keep it going. Ya Rosco Caught the boys and got money for the orpanage. I love it he is finally a nice one again.
7/8/2006 c10 14SamwiseAtHeart
Oh that was good. A good ole chase betwoon the Duke Boys and Rosco. In Rosco's words "Oh I love it I love it!"
7/8/2006 c10 43Beth Smith
Lol! Yet another good chapter! I can't wait for more! Bo did make sure that Becky Mae was old enough for him, didn't he? lol.

Well, can't wait for more!

7/6/2006 c9 3Shara2007
I loved it I guess all that cheering I did helped. I wonder what Mrs. Alma is got to say. I also wonder who would have won if it was Luke driving. I guess I'll never know. Update soon please.

7/6/2006 c9 14SamwiseAtHeart
Oh this was awesome! They sure showed those youngsters a thing or three about racing... and jumping. Bo and Luke won yehaw! I knew they would. Fantastic chapter.
7/6/2006 c9 69Sparkle731
that was great! I loved your detailed description of the race. I can't even begin to describe a race like that so that's why I don't have a lot of races in my stories LOL. Great joB! and why am I not surprised that Bo and Luke won? HE...Update soon, I really am enjoying this story.
7/5/2006 c9 43Beth Smith

I loved it. I knew the General would win! At least I hoped, b/c I don't like Amy that much.

But good stuff!

Now I wonder what Miss Alma has to say...

7/5/2006 c8 14SamwiseAtHeart
I'm gettin' excited for this race. I'm sure it will be one heck of one. Oh I'm anxiously awaiting for the next chapter
7/4/2006 c8 43Beth Smith
Lol! I can't wait for that Race, Dixie! I gotta feelin' it's gonna be a close one!

By the way, I loved Dobro and wished he'd been on the show more, so it makes me happy to hear more about him in this story!

Anyways... Looking forward to more!

7/4/2006 c8 3Shara2007
I love the story. I'm actually waiting to see who wins this and the Race. You know me I'm cheering for the Duke Boys. Well I love it I even got over the whole Bo not having a love life thing. Update soon please.
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