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for Where The Next Road Goes:An Instant Star Humor Fic

6/11/2013 c27 tommyjude21
What happened to the rest? This story was so fun I was really enjoying it. I love how you incorporated the show into it even using direct quotes. Great job just wish you would continue the story.
2/24/2013 c27 Leenababy
Please continue with this story. I want to know how it ends.
12/26/2012 c27 lesa.blazer
Love it please finish
2/13/2009 c27 14breathewithoutyou
YAY! i was so glad 2 c tht u updated! sry bot ur job but update soon?
2/11/2009 c8 1twinklesean
I really do love this fanfic, parts of the chapter made me laugh so much... maybe i have giggle gas or summit? anyway, i love speed in this, makes me laugh well much, i love kyle and wally aswell :D
2/11/2009 c7 twinklesean
I don't know why but i laughed at this sentence so much '“Speed’s out there!” Wally blurted out, terrified.'

Well love this fanfic. :D
2/2/2009 c1 5thinkpink14148
OMG if I didn't have school tomorrow...

well I'll be reading more to say the least.

2/2/2009 c27 3thatgirl2006
awesome! pms!
2/2/2009 c27 Jenn6891
so happy for the update!

hope that speid's plan is a really good one that works!

more soon please
2/1/2009 c27 7vicki86
I was actually thinking about you and this fic the other day and then when I checked my e-mail there it was. Glad to see your back! No worries about the delay, I had a year delay on mine, life can really get in the way sometimes! Love the update, can't wait to see what kind of trouble Speed and the boys get into this time!
2/1/2009 c27 3love2burn4tim
Nice to see you back Dorothy!

I love this update! I love all the interaction you have going on, not just between SME & Jude, SME & Tommy, and of course Jude & Tommy, but with all these other original characters.

The golf scene, perfect sport for SME to have some fun with, oh, and the preppies...so perfect.

Can't wait for your update!

Sorry to hear about your job. That really sucks, and actually the whole economy sucks right now.

Take care, and don't stress, it's never worth it.

Have fun writing again!
8/17/2008 c26 xosecretsongox
Sorry I didn't review the last update, but it was great!

The fashion show was beyond entertaining. I can't believe that Marni got SME drunk!

Please post more soon!
7/24/2008 c15 11crybaby452
Okay I'm stoppin' here for now...I got to get ready...love the fic so far...and i like how your making tommy and speid become friends well sort of...loving it
7/24/2008 c3 crybaby452
I wish I thought of that too freaking funny about the police raid, you got to admit tommy is way better pranker than speid, just look at that one episode...hehehe...loving this fic
7/24/2008 c26 12purrbastian
Hahaha, wow a drunk SME at a fasion show!

Totally hilarious!

Glad you finally updated!

I missed this little fic. (;

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