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for Where The Next Road Goes:An Instant Star Humor Fic

3/23/2007 c17 5Biminigirl15
Finally thanx for updateing. i can only imagine what those three have in mind but it should nice for tommy and jude to go to get away from those three i know i would be thankin the gods for alone time tim i mean really who wouldnt( sighs ) oh yea sorry thanks for the update
3/23/2007 c17 3Rachym20
I love it pms!

I felt sorry for speid though!

Ny here they come!
3/23/2007 c17 xosecretsongox

speed and his mom are TOO adorable!

great update!

post more soon
3/23/2007 c17 whitchristine
Speed's mom hitting on Tommy was the best part out of a collection of amazing parts! I am curious to see who Speed's love interest is...
3/23/2007 c17 1gigitax
post more soon! =)
3/22/2007 c17 3thatgirl2006
love this chapter...especially drunk mama spied. very good job. pmrrs!
3/22/2007 c17 13golfa chickie
Speed's mom drunk was great. Plus I love the song "What You Need" I can't wait for the next update as well.
3/22/2007 c17 7vicki86
This chapter was awesome, I can't wait to read what you have planned for Jude, TOmmy and the SME group in New York! Love this chapter, not as funny as some of your other ones, but it was nice for the focus to be on Speed! It was cute and I loved how you had his mother hitting on Tommy, that was hilarious. Can't wait for you to update!
3/3/2007 c16 4PanicxatxthexHeart
2/17/2007 c16 1judetomfan101
haha that was funny
2/16/2007 c16 BonesFan21
I loved it! Hilarious as always! PMASAP!
2/15/2007 c16 5tanya2byour21
The bathroom seene was funny. I hope they can with Mrs Speiderman over. This story is great and it was so worth the wait. Keep up the great work and please post more soon.

2/15/2007 c16 xosecretsongox

that was the funniest bathroom scene ever!

i was literally rolling on the floor laughing.

but mrs. spiederman is really annoying me! why must she be such a bitch?
2/15/2007 c16 3Rachym20
things r so not going well!I love it pms!
2/14/2007 c16 7amrod23
This chapter made my cry from laughing so hard. “Do you... come here a lot?” hahaha. That was great.
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