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for Where The Next Road Goes:An Instant Star Humor Fic

7/24/2008 c1 11crybaby452
Okay I really have to go and return some books to my school, but I just started to read this and I love it so far...I'm sure it will only get better...bye!
7/23/2008 c26 7vicki86
Great update, the boys were so funny trashed. You never really know what's going to happen next with those three. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
7/21/2008 c26 3thatgirl2006
awesome job. hilarious like always and i am so happy for kat! pms!
7/20/2008 c26 31charley07
now that's a fashion show i'd love to see. haha. i loved it.
7/20/2008 c26 Jenn6891
awesome runway show.

update soon.
7/20/2008 c26 saderia
I just found this story and i love every funny thing, But it needs more Jommy loving. I can't wait for more.

7/20/2008 c26 3love2burn4tim
I so miss your fics! I loved this!

I can so totally imagine the fashion show that you described. All the guys struttin' their stuff on the kat-walk. Especially Tommy!

I hope you update soon!
7/2/2008 c25 7vicki86
lol can't wait to see this "Kat-walk". Keep the chapters coming!
6/20/2008 c25 76driver picks the music
That was really good! Poor Spied!

Can't wait to read what's next! Sounds hilarious!

Please pms! ASAP! LOL!
6/18/2008 c25 1duckie2011
6/18/2008 c25 3thatgirl2006
good. angel finally got what she deserved, but i hope the show cheers speed up. he was really depressed and it made me sad. the show should be hilarious. pms!
6/18/2008 c25 12purrbastian
Man, how long's it been?

Well anyways it doesn't matter.

Stupid Angel whore.

I hate her for hurting Spied and trying to get with Tommy!

Anyways, can't wait to see the fellas strut their stuff!

6/18/2008 c25 1wildfireandInstantstarlover
awsome story update soon
6/17/2008 c25 39itsamandything

I just read the whole thing

and, I got caught up

and this is freaking amazing

I can't wait to read more

6/17/2008 c25 5101ISFAN
Can't wait to read more awesome as usual!n the katwalk lol
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