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for Where The Next Road Goes:An Instant Star Humor Fic

11/1/2007 c24 13golfa chickie
Where should I start? The update was great. This story always makes me laugh. My favorite part had to be at the club with Speed and Chris. Now I am excited to see what Tommy and Jude do about Angel. Post more soon!
11/1/2007 c24 31charley07
yay, an update! it's freezing at school right now so it totally made my night. i even am vaguely watching "grey's anatomy" to read it. i loved it. i hope whatever jude and tommy is planning will crush angel cause i hate her, more than i hate karma, which is a lot. can't wait for next time.
11/1/2007 c24 xosecretsongox

and i can't wait to hear jude's plan!

post more soon!
11/1/2007 c24 3thatgirl2006
i liked this chapter a lot, it was hilarious. i def can't wait to see what the plan is...pmrs! good luck with the new job!
11/1/2007 c24 7vicki86
Absolutely loved it, was laughing out loud especially in the comedy scene. Priceless! Loved this chapter it was amazing! Can't wait for more, and I hope Jude gets the oppertunity to b*tch slap Angel, cause that would be a kodake moment! Update soon!
11/1/2007 c24 12purrbastian
ohh im intrigued.!

what are they going to do?

this was pretty funny!

the jibes between spied and tommy are always great!

anyways great update.

10/13/2007 c23 40Summers-Wind
Ah! That chapter was hilarious! Hm... Why do I have a feeling that some MAJOR drama is going to go down between Speed and Angel. Hehe. :-D . I have no complaints. Please continue, and Post More Soon! :-)
9/4/2007 c23 xosecretsongox
speedy... speedy... speedy...

i love you.
9/4/2007 c23 3thatgirl2006
pmrs. it was a great chapter, i am wondering though...is Speed ever gonna catch on to the gold digging Angel?
9/3/2007 c23 You Can't Kid Us

And I was really hoping she fell down the sewer pipe...

Angel the devilish bitch!


I eat her for breakfast.

Whyc an't Speed just open his eyes and realize there's someone better out there for him... ME!




this chapter was hilarious... Speed deliveringa baby? Pure genius!
9/3/2007 c23 13golfa chickie
Speed delivered a baby! Go Speed! hehe, that chapter was great. I loved that Speed delivered the baby and then where they found him. I wonder what will happen with Angel now? Post more whenever you can!
9/2/2007 c23 5Biminigirl15
oh no not again with this woman oh well i guess he'll never learn
9/2/2007 c23 1speedsONEandONLY

im soproud of him!

he delivered a baby!

that angle bitch doesnt deserve him.

he needs to see that and soon.

speaking of...

can i be that person to help him?


and btw...


more soon please.:D
9/2/2007 c23 76driver picks the music
oh lord it's gonna get worse! i don't think tommy can take it if spied has a worse night then he did before! lol! pms pms pms i love this story!
9/2/2007 c23 1gigitax
poor tommy =(

we want more jommy! lol!

update soon please! =)
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