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5/4/2007 c5 1keeki
I feel so honored ^^ Thank you for reading my stories!

I really like this one. Fluff is good an all, but somehow I like this better. I could see Sophia choosing stability (Fayt) but always yearning for that instability (Albel)

Tis bittersweet.
4/27/2007 c5 12Dragon Chyld
So sad but it's true that the heart only obeys its own logic despite all else. And, this story is very much a possibility of what could have happened going by the game (Sophia going with Fayt). Not all stories can be 'happy' but a variety is nice and this one isn't too tragic! I hope you are inspired to write more soon. :)
4/27/2007 c4 Dragon Chyld
I never reviewed...I read it but never reviewed. Thanks to that I made sure to read it again to check if I hadn't missed it the first time.

Very emotional and full of angst. I feel bad for Albel. I hate that it ended there, but that's the point of these short stories so I'll live with it. :)
8/17/2006 c1 12Shrew-hanyou
I can't get to the 30nights website
6/30/2006 c4 8LilyGinnyBlack
Aw...poor Albel! T.T You did a wonderful job with it, even if the theme was rather dark and bleak, you handled it well and made it truly believeable. You completely got down the insanity one must feel when they hurt someone they love that much. It was beautifully written, and yet, it was a horrid thing to read about. Great job! :) Keep up the good work and take care! :D

6/29/2006 c4 1keeki
Wow this was very angsty. I hope he didn't hurt Sophia too badly :( but I'm sure she has it in her to forgive him. At least he knows that that kind of lashing out is wrong, I think you even called it "animalistic."
6/24/2006 c3 keeki
Ah the complexities between man and woman, how they give and pull at each other like the tides. I liked how Sophia was worrying about him not looking her way and not being the woman he wanted, and I got the impression that maybe (?) he thinks the same about her. That he's not the man that she wants.
6/24/2006 c2 keeki
Yes Albel that girl will be the death of you, but at least you'll go with a smile on your face :D
6/24/2006 c3 22Monochromatic Pylon
Nice Sophiamusing ^^. I like this chapter...
6/24/2006 c3 4ThrogmortenMimic
Yay for deepness! Yay for emotionality! Yay for new words! You are just so good at these theme thingies... More please?
6/24/2006 c3 8LilyGinnyBlack
Great job! :D I like fluff, but, I'm also a big fan of angst so I'm really looking forward to this set of themes. Anyway, even though I DO like the sentence, "‘She never did she him turn around and watch as she walked out of the room,’" I'm glad you left it off where you did-Sophia's thoughts. It fit the theme better. Well, please keep up the good work and take care! :)

6/24/2006 c3 Dragon Chyld
She sighed and looked over at him. He had been looking in her direction but quickly turned his head. She sighed again, deeper this time, got up from her seat and walked away. How was she ever going to get him to notice her if he wouldn’t even look at her?

That was the perfect place to leave it. That kept the angst feeling to it. He quickly turned away and she just dismisses it for 'nothing'. Very IC as I see it. It was fun to see her mull over what she thinks he wants and what she is. Tell me of any girl who hasn't done something simular.
6/18/2006 c2 12Dragon Chyld
The invisible string speech is something I could see Sophia really telling. I like that. Then it was all brought together at the end.

It was sweet how she waited for him. Both were IC and the mix of angst and romance was nicely balanced.
6/18/2006 c2 H. Acacia
Nice :)
6/16/2006 c2 36kc-archive
Cute! I absolutely adored it! Especially the part about the ring of blood around his pinky.
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