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6/14/2004 c1 hawaiikel
lmao OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHHA nice ENDING! hahahhah whoever said that kind of stuff to u deserves to b banned from ff.net. is there a way u cud report them for swearing n... i dunno.. misconduct? aw j n k were almost flirting @ the end! AW! ^^ *squeals!*
5/27/2004 c1 10Nolee of Stone Mountain
Teehee. I liked the end. I never knew you were the FIRST K/J author. I mean...wow. You're _legendary_ then. If not for you I wouldn't have written any of my stories! I wouldn't have even thought the pairing would be possible!

It's kind of sad, though, to know that people have been mean to you just because of your liking of this pairing. Just do what you have been. Ignore them.

I just can't get over how you were the first. You started a whole chain, and you even inspired others to start different pairings. I'm VERY impressed.

Love your series by the way. As much as I love Joren. ;)
11/27/2003 c1 8White Phoenix Erialis
I totally love Joren- well, killing him off in Squire was a neccessity, but bringing him back is better. Fantastic job on all your Tamor Pierce fics, by the way. K/J is so sweet and well, perfect.
8/21/2003 c1 Alexina
You know even thorugh joern supossed to be a jerk I think pairings with him and kel are cute and quite amusing. I think you made a super cool story off of tamora pierce. I love the jokes. You made an exelent polt from browrroing the charters from T.P. hey a lot of times it just seems like your using the names. love the story those damn other authers J/K is still cool I serioly like it a lot better then N/K or C/K. IT's not as mushy. Hey I also just love assholes hey I'm werid. lol
8/12/2003 c1 Sailacel
HA! this was fantastic! i love how you can answer questions, yell at stupid people, and make us laugh all at the same time! well, please continue to write!
12/23/2002 c1 6wistress
*claps* your one of my fav. author. Joren is hot
10/24/2002 c1 Charlotte
Yah! *starts to drool* Joren...You write him realy realy well! Well actualy you write really really well full stop, but you wirte Joren realy realy espically well.
8/30/2002 c1 7Keita
hehehe funny! Actually I LOVE K/J... it's my guilty pleasure.. I'm addicted...sad i know...
4/7/2002 c1 tallina starfire
hello, i don't know if you check these reviews anymore but if you do i want to ask you for a different version of the ICBW season 2. because it's rated R and i'm not allowed to read higher than PG-13. so i was wondering if you could maybe take the worst out of it so it's only PG-13. please, i am begging you here because i read the first season and it's depressing that i can't read the second. so again i beg of you pleasetake out the worst so i can read it please
4/1/2002 c1 10Zenin
Definitely keep on doing the K/J, because, frankly, most authors...well...they don't give it the spice that you give it. You know...fire...Joren being a jerk and playing mind games with Kel...I love it all! I love the mind games! So continue...you're one of the best Tamora Pierce authors I've seen.
1/1/2002 c1 I Hope It Rains
:D I LiKeD ThAt...
11/26/2001 c1 passing through
Bravo. Your writing is excellent, and I really enjoy reading your fanfics; I hope you keep up the awesome work! Oh, and *cough*boxers*cough*. : )
8/24/2001 c1 Kiiriana1
I would add the story to my favorites... but I don't want to be reminded every single time that I glance at my favorites that Joren dies in Squire. ::bursts into tears:: Okay, well, at least you're not killing him off in ICBW 2! That's good!
7/22/2001 c1 umm
LOL! Hanes! Hehehee! *gets crazed possessed look in eye* BUAHHHHHHHHHHAHAHAHHAAA! OO! Sulia! If you EVER need someone to *cracks knuckles* help 'convince' a person to leave you and your writing alone...I'm your girl! Whoooahhaaa! OO...I still have to work on the pic thing...I work during the week *rolls eyes* (I like my job just not a certain kid...), and just came back from vacation soo...I SHALL TRY! TA-TAAAAAA! MORE! (just for good measure!) OOoo! Dilly-sama says, "MOREO!" a.k.a. Hello!
7/22/2001 c1 Alia
That's very, very cool. And a very clever dig a flamers. Well done.
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