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6/18/2007 c2 9CaptainSparrow-luv
You're a freak, but I like it! X
6/22/2006 c2 36meowbooks
I LOVE that song! When did it come out? 90's? I forgot, but still-lovely.
6/22/2006 c1 meowbooks
Ah, you've listened to the commentary haven't you? Hehe. I loved it! Poor Jack...
6/18/2006 c2 29just jacs
that was very random my dear lol good stuff
6/17/2006 c1 4Pyromaniac2009
6/16/2006 c1 PirateLassy6-9-63
Poor Jack, I hate watching him get hurt. It's kinda funny though the way you did it. Either that or I'm sadistic and don't even realize it? Ah! Help me!

-Kat O' Nine Tails

P.S. R&R any of mine, please? They're lonely and calling to you.
6/16/2006 c2 PirateLassy6-9-63
lol you are bloody insane! I love pirates fanfiction comedy, I really do. O e, o ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang. I forgot how much I love that song!

-Kat O' Nine Tails

P.S. I'd be honored if another pirates fan such as yourself (or Secret Window fan?) would please R&R my works.

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