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12/9/2006 c8 tutorgirl0825
done? no way. please tell me the title of the sequal. thanks
11/13/2006 c7 Amanda Gaber
i love that your doing a sequel. what happened to nathan and deb? will lucas see them again?
11/12/2006 c7 74only-because3
SEQUEL! u have t o continue it if brooke is preggers! please please please? and grr nathan is an a-hole..
11/12/2006 c7 Brucas46Forever
"Lucas, I'm pregnant," HE told Her quietly?
11/12/2006 c7 13Fanpire109
continue this one good job updaet again soon please
11/12/2006 c7 nikki
okay, i must say that this chapterws one of the worst you have written. it was not believable at all, and i think it is stupid and unrealistic that they are all prgnant. make one prenant or none, but its idiotic to have every girl from one group pregnant.
10/28/2006 c6 Fanpire109
ay least you uipdated again good job update again really soon. i love this story
10/27/2006 c6 pam211
omg, i just found your story today and it's great! the chapters are super short but i'm sure your crazy busy. is nathan abusive? how did haley really get those bruises on her arm? i can't wait to find out! pls UD soon!

10/8/2006 c5 3AlexCurtis
keep it up
8/1/2006 c5 13Fanpire109
I'M A GIRL! HAHA anyway update soon i wanna kow if what i wrote is going to kill Lucas. That just sounded weird anyayUPDATE
7/31/2006 c5 7lucasluvforever
that was awesome please update soon. :)
7/9/2006 c4 5RandomlyWritingRandomness
OMG! whats wrong with Haley? :O hu hurt her? gr...im angry now. And...i still dont like Peyton. she was totally FOR Haley 'persuing' her dreams. She's just mad at Haley cuz Jake left...however messed up that sounds, this is Peyton we're talking about. Anyways, good so far. just...make the chapters longer. lol

ud soon
7/9/2006 c2 RandomlyWritingRandomness
Awwe! sorry, had to say something here. ADORABLE! haha I love Baley 'sisterly' friendship! its the most adoralbe thing! :D I loved the little poke! oh and kudos for making Brooke yell at peyton.
7/7/2006 c3 8no-no-no-no-1
Please update soon! I want to see what Peyton did, and if Haley will forgive! I think this is a great story!











7/2/2006 c3 nataliegirl1214
love it! update soon please! :-)
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