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for A night

6/20/2006 c1 12Dragon Chyld
We were lost, in the middle of nowhere.

All because Cliff ‘knew his way around.’

He hadn’t even been here before!

Haha! Gotta love Cliff ^^

Aww! He tells her to leave him alone and hugs her while telling her to shut up. I can see him doing that.

I hope you find your happy soon - this did make me smile.
6/20/2006 c1 8LilyGinnyBlack
Great job with this one-shot! ^^ I, personally, don't think it is out of character. You had Albel be sharp and mean at first and you had him deny the fact that someone could care for him. That is just like Albel; a hug and a kiss doesn't make him OOC. It would be the way, in which, the hug and kiss came about that would be the deciding factor, and I say that the hug and kiss were very IC for Albel. :) So, please keep up the good work and take care! :D

6/19/2006 c1 22Monochromatic Pylon
Great and I don't think Albel act OOC since we don't have much too clue about him. Yep.. you cheer me up by writing this one. Well done :)
6/18/2006 c1 1keeki
Sorry to hear about you and your dad, cheer up though because this was a good story.

Aw, not totally OOC, we never see Albel care for anyone so it's really up to the writer to show him doing so. I could see this happen though, it sounds plausible ^_^
6/18/2006 c1 12Miss Nox
Well you never know, no one confessed to Albel in the game, so maybe Sophia's confession would have brought out feeling from somewhere like that. Yey! They're together- so sweet, and her insisting the ' i care about you' was great! Love this story!

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