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10/15/2007 c28 TheLovelyMartian
o m frickin G!
10/15/2007 c29 Belle07
Pop!*opens bottle of champaign*Congrats!Ah, I can't believe its over. Ah!

Wow... now wat?
9/28/2007 c3 2Poisoned Black Rose
Weird . . .
9/28/2007 c1 Poisoned Black Rose
Violet, eh? Isn't she the gum-chewing one?
9/20/2007 c27 Belle07
I love this chapter!This has to be my favorite one. I love the ending.You so have to keep writing. That was like whoa!

you have to update super fast
9/19/2007 c27 TheLovelyMartian
omg,*clears her throat* is he trying to get his "perve"on, with Varuca? or is he tryin to actually eat her?

Either way...ek!

By the way, I love the journal-parts..excellent touch. *warm smilz*

Now if u will excuse me..I need to turn on all my lights. *lol*
9/19/2007 c27 4The Wax Factory
Ugh. That chapter was sick, but so freekin' awesome! I'm litterly sweating to know if the characacters survive or not. I love scary Wonka fics (I wrote one of my own). I can't wait to see how this all turns out. :)
8/29/2007 c26 Belle07
Nice. wat was the whole thing with the books?I did n't catch that.

I liked this chapter. The whole snake pit and Oksana..nice touch.

keep writing
8/28/2007 c26 TheLovelyMartian
ok,that skin-peeling machine is straight-nasty & hella-creepy*lol* And I'm excited about story being published!

Best wishes x
8/8/2007 c25 Belle07
Ah! the end is coming soon. Nice. I liked Wonka in this chapter. In his all weirdness and trying to punish bad children in the world.

Oh, the gloves part was good. I always wondered why he wore gloves. Not because he was gemaphobe, he had blood on his hands. more reasonable to wear gloves
8/7/2007 c25 TheLovelyMartian
In All seriousness..bullying can eat ya up very badly. I know.

About Wonka's gloves,,I thought they were kinda hot,,but now when I look at am,,its not the same*lmao* oh yes, I loved the fanfiction comment too!x
7/11/2007 c24 Belle07
Whoa. I liek the ending. Oh and the whole "I'll make you feel better charlie". I think it has to be one of my favorites too.

keep writing

7/11/2007 c24 TheLovelyMartian
m humph,,I suspected that cane was for more than walkin!

Can't wait to see what bad-ass Wonka has in store for Miss Salt..shall be intrestin...
6/27/2007 c23 Belle07
Damn You!Damn You to an eternity in Hell!Argh!

Why would you, leave us of like that.Ugh!
6/24/2007 c23 TheLovelyMartian
ok, ive seen wonka evil in some stories,but this is different.

"Better dead than safe." Oh yes, hes one evil mutha-person...

You are very talented, hun keep it up! :-)
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