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for Snakes Hate Chocolate

6/16/2007 c22 TheLovelyMartian
6/15/2007 c22 Belle07
I must say, one of ur best chapter. I like the reptile creatures like in Resident Evil.

keep writing

5/29/2007 c21 Belle07
wat the hell are tose things?Sound like imps but they seem too strong to be imps.Keep writing!
5/26/2007 c21 TheLovelyMartian
oh lordy, this one is gonna give me nightmares! *lol*

Good luck with finals k? * warm smilz*
3/30/2007 c20 Belle07
so they made augustus into a hulk-type. Whoa, not your best but still satifying. I couldn't finish readin it in a day. one question, I thought the kids were be older than 10?

keep writing

3/28/2007 c20 TheLovelyMartian
omg Wonka blowin trees,thats funny! Your story continues to keep me wanting more...and the detail...just awsome!
2/27/2007 c11 blowkiss
HOLY SHIT! this is amasing! this must be the best CATCF-fanfiction I ever have readen! congratulations! keep up the absoulute good story! I hope your novel is comming out one day! =D
2/27/2007 c19 Belle07
Ew! Maggots!You've done it again, Renaud. You have (again) creeped me out. I can feel them on my skin.EW!

Anyway, I liked this chapter. Especially Dead Mommy and Dead Daddy. And I loved the Puppet Dog pile!

too bad no more creepy hallucinations. I was just getting used to them.

Keep writing

2/25/2007 c19 7Karra Venus Leo
Very nice chapter. I like the whole idea of the parents wanting to eat Charlie. For some reason, they reminded me of Ronald McDonald.
1/31/2007 c18 Belle07
OMG!Renaud, you so have to write the next chapter asap!What happened to Charlie!Pronto!

I also notice that you used a lot of cuss words but they were appropriate for the situation.

I loved the Whole"Mcgyver is my

gotta go

1/31/2007 c18 Karra Venus Leo
One month of waiting... was so worth it! I love it!
1/15/2007 c17 6Libbyish
Keep it up! I've been waiting for Violet to make her reappearance for ages, I'm hoping this won't disappoint.
1/4/2007 c17 naaaaaaaaaaaaaananana
oh my god. iv just read this from the begginin, it took me an hour and a half but it was way worth it. iv been waiting for ages for someone to write a story like this. and you have done it perfectly. and i cant wait for next chapter. iv always wandered what happned after vi got juiced
12/28/2006 c17 7Karra Venus Leo
12/25/2006 c17 TheLovelyMartian
OMG I'm lovin this story! Wonka is evil as hell..and the spider really got me cuz I can't stand the things, ek! Please keep up with the great work,,*warm smilz*
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