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for Twin Blade of the Heavens

12/27/2012 c3 Erie Fairy
The story summary and start of the fanfiction is good although the chapters could be longer. Apart from that I like it a lot.
7/20/2007 c40 akira
darn you. i luv u kakashi! =P i hate you! o ya u said asuma was in asuma's arms. u should recheck ure story -.- read it over then edit it. gosh. But all in all AWESOME STORY! whee. ima send it too all my friend

and no my name is not natalie. give me the link if u right a sequal
2/17/2007 c2 White Love
Nice story. I noticed that you put down LORD Hokage when refering to Tsunade. That would mean that Tsunade's a guy. The correct term would be LADY Hokage.
10/16/2006 c40 1Captian Amy Eros
I loved your story and i can't wait for the sequel. This is my favorite Naruto story. Please don't stop writing you are good. So the people that say Kayume is to perfect they are wrong she is just write. ^-^
10/10/2006 c40 plsdtjgkl
I want ot say that i have reviewed a bit before but that was my sis accidently did that on my account. I have to agree with DRag0ness, you shouldn't write OC's, they are waytoo perfect. Yeah maybe she did hurt a bit during fights but that was it. I am thinking that her physical and inner beauty are all too perfect. I am not trying to flame you but i need to give you a perspective
10/6/2006 c39 6DRag0n3ss
I have to say this, you shouldnt write OC's. you make them way too perfect and that just kinda drives people like me crazy. Yor are a good writer and all but i think you should stick with naruto characters.
10/6/2006 c16 DRag0n3ss
It's Cascada
10/4/2006 c35 DRag0n3ss
umm...you got a lot of the information wrong such as dramatic entry...its actually dynamic entry.
10/4/2006 c23 DRag0n3ss
Erm...don't you think Kayume is a little too perfect?
10/4/2006 c22 DRag0n3ss
Nice but maybe another song could've worked better...
10/3/2006 c7 plsdtjgkl
Wasn't the white chakra sabre broken?
10/3/2006 c5 plsdtjgkl
Thats a funny food fight, i could see why you liked writing it.
10/3/2006 c4 plsdtjgkl
LOL! What happened in the hospital was soo funny!
8/30/2006 c40 4HANYAxtaiga
Yess! wonderful ending...I love the sword...harhar...What's the title of ur next book? I'll be waiting..

8/28/2006 c40 A Random person who's hot
*stares at you*..YAY..*pounces you* YAYAYAYAY IM SO HAPPY...WELL START ITNOW!
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