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8/27/2006 c1 Nibbles the Chicken
Okay, here's what you are doing wrong.

First thing I noticed was that your summary is one poorly written run-on sentence.

Second thing I noticed was that your average chapter size is under 20 words (Before clicking on anything I divide the word count by the number of chapters). Under 50 words does NOT a chapter make!

Then I come in to tell you to combine some of the darn things, and I find your first 'chapter' is nothing but a paragraph.

If you want more readers, I suggest you fix these things.
8/26/2006 c39 23Aeris Leonheart
Really Really Great Story! ^-^ Can't wait for the sequel!
8/25/2006 c39 jgsparks
OMG NO THIS IS THE SADDEST DAY EVER!...when the story came to its end, as do all...


8/25/2006 c38 jgsparks
YAY Kakashi he-he and than he with the ring...YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAY

*dorky smile* YAY...wait does this mean the stories over:(...NO!*faints*
8/25/2006 c38 Aeris Leonheart
Romantic sigh ^-^

Inner Aeis: Man, Kayume is so lucky!
8/24/2006 c37 Aeris Leonheart
Wow! Awesome battle! Can't wait for the next chapter.
8/24/2006 c37 jgsparks
YAY and I love the whole “People do crazy things for the ones they love.”

^^+Thank you for dedicating this chapt to me...and your first reviewer!^^*runs around in a circle, than hits a tree*

Curse you tree I shall have my vengeance! *faints*


Oh dear...well, update soon.
8/23/2006 c36 Aeris Leonheart
Oh I can't wait for the next chapter! ^-^
8/22/2006 c36 4HANYAxtaiga
Hey! I really liked the title even from the start. Now I know how you got it...

I hate snakes,.,.,.,

8/22/2006 c36 jgsparks
YAY...I bet you'll get 100reveiws! you must!...But you better update...because...because...oh whatever...well bye^^
8/22/2006 c35 jgsparks
omg what happens!-_-...you better update!^^
8/19/2006 c34 HANYAxtaiga
Got me hanging in there like a log on a cliff...I wonder what Karasu looks like...I'll bet Kakashi's a zillion times better in every aspect!

Kayume and Kakashi forever!

8/16/2006 c34 jgsparks
oh i likee, can't wait for the final battle^_^ update soon!
8/16/2006 c34 23Aeris Leonheart
Oh I can't wait to see what happens next ^-^.

Inner Aeris: Yeah Kakashi! Kill that Karasu! Wa Cha!
8/13/2006 c33 KiyomiUchiha17
That was great now CONTINUE! sorry didnt mean to be so commanding! ^_^
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