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for Flower of Death

7/8/2006 c4 15weirdest1
oky I'm reveiwing! I didn't reveiw for the third chap so it was good! and i'll pm you with my Idea ok... cuz it's kinda long =^..^=
7/7/2006 c4 corvetteracer53
i think the little girl(hana) sud be searchin for her long lost twin sister that was takin by a emperor a of very powerful empire and that they are actually the rejected daughters of a shogun( im assumin ur story is takin place in like japan and stuff) and that were seperated at birth and she has the ability to change into a flame dragon with unbelievable powers and is also an assassain. hehe

- Car

p.s. MAKE UR SN on AIM in case u dont remember mine it is Corvetteracer53
7/7/2006 c4 ichiko baka
Are you asking what should happen? I think that you figured it out already. I fyou can't think of anything make it up like an anime show in your head add the perfect music, to just listen to while your brainstorming and chances are that you will find out something. OH and great story! Plz update:D
7/7/2006 c4 4Zoey24
Well, this is starting out to be a good story, but it would be better if the chapters were longer. Anyway maybe in the next chapter you can make it that Hana and Orochimaru fight, and they end upbeing at the same level. Then after the fight you can probably make Orochimaru say to Hana to join him, that he will treat her as his own, and take care of her. Well you don't really have to use my idea just update soon!
6/29/2006 c2 corvetteracer53
Those are really good kimi! (here comes ur constructive flaming lol) they need to be longer and also there are some grammer/spelling errors. you gotta check those be4 publishin kimi come on jeez lol other then that they are awesome and ur teacher was rite about u bein good and ahead of ur years! keep up the good work and see you on WoW bye kimi

6/27/2006 c2 25WhispersofaDreamer
I want more! Please update soon with more words too! I love it, can't wait for the next chapter!
6/23/2006 c2 15weirdest1
I liked it but it wasn't very long... =^..^=
6/19/2006 c1 weirdest1
Write more I say...=^..^= (kitty says too)

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