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for Reload 2: The Followers

9/5/2011 c9 t
more chapter
7/26/2011 c9 ed
more chapters
7/25/2010 c9 1Crimson Man
Dude it should be Lee. She is the most anoying one and is a pain. Let Marie live and that she gets her body parts back. She could live in the woods and just leave her there. And blow up the trailer
3/19/2010 c9 Count Nightmare
A truly great fanfic. I like the bit where May Kanker ends up in Hell for eternity. You should make all three Kankers end up in Hell after they die. Speaking of which maybe after this story is over you can make another where the Kankers meet up with Nazz in Hell. And they team up trying to escape and get revenge.
7/20/2007 c9 4Double G 90210
grate story and i think u should get rid of marie
6/15/2007 c9 30Kriftonucci

I read the WHOLE thing really

nicely done

as for the last part


2 good reasons:

1. Lee's the mastermind, and should be left off till the end.

2. Just because Marie looks the prettiest doesn't mean people should make fics about her not dying!

Anyway, nice job

adding it to faves, along with reload
5/5/2007 c9 Death Servant
hey man!This is a nice story.
5/1/2007 c9 Goldenmaster
Eh Might as well kill off Lee first.
7/24/2006 c9 74Shadowrisen
*raises fome figner of number 1 on it* wo!
7/24/2006 c9 2Envy39
Let Lee die first. I hate her.
7/14/2006 c7 Envy39
Double D's alive! Thats awsome! How much better can this story get.

P.s: I still cant get over what the kankers did to Rolf,OMG when i think about it, i die of laugter! One more thing, in the final battle can a hollywood star mysticly wonder into peach creek and be killed by one of the kankers in a funny way. _thank u_ (^-^)
7/11/2006 c7 18TheArchon
Wow! O.o I don't know what to say! The first story just seemed sick and stupid, but this one actually started to get really interesting! :D Update soon! I can't wait to see who will die next.
7/8/2006 c7 Daniel Abel
Awesome just like i thought can't wait to see how you get jason in the story actually how are you going to get him in?
7/7/2006 c2 74Shadowrisen
7/4/2006 c6 Daniel Abel
dude this keeps getting better and better and i guess you took my suggestion huh keep it up
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