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5/4/2018 c9 Kathy
what an amazing creative interesting angst intense story, thank you, hope you are still writing
3/12/2018 c9 Leslie
Just re read this and Dazzle. Both just as wonderful as I remembered. I just want to keep reading forever. Thank you so much for sharing your terrific work.
6/19/2017 c9 MelissaBeth74
I love you. Thank you for writing these stories and sharing them. And for making me look up lots of things. And I'm sorry I didn't know about all this ages ago when it was freshly published.
1/5/2017 c9 Guest
Primal magic and demonic music. Dean found by a flexible friend. Sam follows his nightmares, keeping quiet until he can't. Merci beaucoup, Sasha aka £££
7/27/2016 c3 waitingforAslan
I'm intrigued by Sam's thoughts on embracing being a willing sacrifice, accepting a role, "submission to a greater whole," especially considering what came later in the show: the angels insisting that Sam and Dean become vessels, Gabriel trying to force them into "playing their role" in Changing Channels. I don't know where this story is going yet, but I had to comment on this.
7/27/2016 c4 waitingforAslan
I had to say how I loved Dean's unique perspective on the luxurious hotel room: he's thinking the black market, dead angels, and how much blood towels can soak up! Made me laugh!

On the other hand, the tree with ribbons of human skin - chilling! And I'm glad Sam realized that it's the survivors who comfort themselves with the thought of the sacrificial victims being WILLING.
6/21/2016 c2 franlhd
2/10/2016 c9 4Freya922
Enjoyed every word of this fantastic, complex, and hair raising story! Thank you so much for all your hard work.
2/7/2016 c7 Freya922
Fantastic story - completely gripping! I love how you write horror infused with notes of angst and humor - so perfectly Supernatural.

One favorite line of many with those wonderful similes of yours: "Without any clothes, this was his lifeline to the world, and he wasn't about to hand it back to Céline Dion, who bounced on the balls of her feet, jittery as a caged marmoset angling for a bag of peanuts."
1/29/2015 c9 flashahh
Hi, another awesome story. Love the depth of emotion you give to Sam and Dean and how you portray their relationship while still managing to keep it all twisted round a cracking storyline. I like the little note backs to previous stories too. Thanks :-)
6/8/2013 c9 10Lyoness of Avalon
Dean's POV felt like it made more sense than Sam's, probably because he wasn't addled. I loved the brotherly tenderness and the jokes you threw it.
5/16/2013 c7 Lyoness of Avalon
The food passage is hysterical-that poor asparagus.
"Powerful dark powers"-that jackass.
4/29/2013 c1 2Wisdom of Insanity
OMG, I have laughed so hard in this chapter, can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of this story! I completely lost it at Dean mistaking the speed limits :P Onto chapter 2!
4/1/2013 c4 10Lyoness of Avalon
I like how Dean thinks. TVs he can sell and towels to soak up the blood.
I like Bea, but I don't know if I trust her. Dean seems unusually interested in her, more so than as a good lay.
It's so cute how they're trying to protect each other by keeping secrets. I smell angst coming.
And two monsters? Sounds like a handful, if Sam's not wrong.
3/31/2013 c3 Lyoness of Avalon
Is Celine Dion the Ceiling Demon?
I seriously love the way you write. I like that th last was Dean centric and this is more focused on Sam.
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