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for What I did for Love

7/6/2012 c8 Guest
i cried at the last chapter
i love it !
9/14/2010 c8 Nameless Lurker
oh god! i love this fanfic! i can't hold back my tears! *teeheehee* i'm satisfied with the ending though it's sad. this is so great!
8/4/2009 c8 3xForeverinMex
That was a great story I cried a bit at the end that oes to show how awesome it was T_T loved it a lot *sniffles* the quote wa meaningful too
2/28/2009 c8 1X3-teddybearismine-X3
*sniff* *sniff* aw that's so beautiful and sweet i'm REALLY crying :'( *cries* it's so sad a ROMANTIC :(
1/27/2009 c8 2bLueLOvEspiNK

thats great..

and quite sad though..

Sakura didn't believe him that he loved her

she thought he loved her as a brother and just pitied her

reading your story really touches me

i couldn't say more,

all came out in my mouth was..


nice story sis

you made me cry

12/19/2008 c8 4Tentenperson-Temari cosplay
I'm a SasuXSaku hater but... this story is so good! -sniff- I cryed
8/26/2007 c1 4Beyond There
Hey i read this story before on not sure ut still works. Except the name changed but GREAT STORY! Art is a bang YEAH!
7/12/2007 c8 5Pinkish-Bluish
Nice story. I love Hawaii, it's so beautiful. Living there for most of your life has it's advantages you know. Besides that, really good.
7/5/2007 c8 8Mittelan
That was... sad. had me crying a bit. it was a really beutiful story though. the author who wrote this is really good.
2/28/2007 c8 angel
i can tell you 1 thing this story is beautiful o my gosh you know i did cry after reading it.

stay cOOl and that's all
2/17/2007 c8 2lambtastic
x( wahh! that was so sad! i hope the sequal for naruhina will be more happy! please post it soon!
2/5/2007 c6 3AngeLic Eyes X22
hi you kinda have a typo lol you put:

"“Sakura here just saved my life. I knew it was a good idea to bring him along.”"

isnt it suppose to be Yoru or something? hehe just telling ya lol
2/3/2007 c1 chunch0iii
the storyy was oh so good ;D
1/28/2007 c8 Ruby
*sniff sniff* your story was amazing ur a really cool author it was so sad though i'm really looking foward on reading ur other stories ok LATERZ!
11/19/2006 c8 iFo0l
fuck its soosad

i can believe it made me cry T_T

but yeah the last line was fckn brilliant

but yeah that would be kinda necro of him wouldnt it?

lmao justwalking away with her XD

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