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7/29/2015 c5 Berlin
'By the looks of things, this is going to be one very long fic!' And then it hasn't been updated fur about 9 years. Pity, really, because this shows great promise of becoming an even greater fic, and I would love to read more.
6/7/2014 c5 hal
This is a great story and I really like it. Please try to write more.
4/27/2014 c5 Guest
If its going to be so long, why haven't you posted anything for almost 8 years?!
12/26/2012 c5 The Amendable Snow Freak
This was great! I love this story so far and where it's going! Good job! Please post again soon! Thankyou!
11/14/2012 c5 1Lyra Arabella Navitas
i love it its so... I can't think of anything that would describe how awesome this story is! And its so detailed how do you get your info? Please continue the story!
3/14/2012 c5 Jon
AHHHHHH! What an evil terrible fanfiction... I was really really enjoying this read and now it has stopped! v_v" At a cliffhanger of all! I really do hope that you update soon or that you have re-done the fiction when I check your author profile. None the less the story you have written so far has been a very interesting read and I have quite enjoyed it.

1/11/2011 c5 2gyphsy
i know it has been something like four years since you posted another chapter but please do. this story is so cool that i couldnt stop reading it. you probably forgot that you have a story waiting to be finished, but it would be nice ifyou gave it some closure. Thanks
5/15/2010 c5 ff-anon-18
This is great! I am really curious about that last past, so I can't wait to read more...
7/2/2009 c5 Datgie
I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful read. im guessing that you dont visit or write on this sight anymore. if that is true, i feel it to be a real shame. I have very much enjoyed your story and wish there was more of it. i do hope you recieve this review because i think you deserve recognition for your work.

5/20/2009 c5 24DukeBrymin
Hahahahaha! I love that Dumbledore was using the "official" quill!

Anyway, I've really enjoyed what's been written, and I'm sad that you haven't been able to finish it.

Thanks for sharing it with us!
5/20/2009 c4 DukeBrymin
Good chapter-sad only in that it lacks significant Harry/Ginny interaction.

5/19/2009 c3 DukeBrymin
Nice!Dursleys-what a scary concept.

5/19/2009 c2 DukeBrymin
I have to say that I love your characterization of Hedwig-you've given her a great personality.

5/19/2009 c1 DukeBrymin
Interesting first chapter-I like the letter from Ginny, it was very well done.

5/16/2009 c5 hpfan35
I just came across your story through a C2 alert. Very good, it's a shame there have not been any updates. This story shows a unique potential that I would enjoy reading. I hope to one day see an update. Keep up the good work.
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