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for Harry Potter and the Path of Destiny

8/10/2008 c5 daragon10
nice story plz continue to update
4/17/2007 c5 2Vincent Nightshade
Its good you should keep going...

Lt Sgt Nightshade
3/9/2007 c5 DrunkOctopus
thats fine i hope your lil boy is better

I'm just itching tho to find out what happens next!
12/13/2006 c5 honore
That was really a cliffhanger moment. I love your story so far, but I'm not overly fond of having to wait to get past the cliffhanger...I hope I've read this on the day you plan to update. Thanks
11/12/2006 c5 4R-Gomeni
i'm hoping that you update quickly- you can't just leave it there! definitely original and exciting. please add more!
11/3/2006 c5 1Star80WarsFan
grat scory so far and i can not wait to read the next chapter
11/3/2006 c3 Star80WarsFan
great story
11/2/2006 c5 Jfitzgerald
This is a great story so far. I hope that you will be posting an update sometime in the near future. Thanks.
8/18/2006 c5 justanotherfan756
bravo! update
8/17/2006 c5 Akugin Ashura
this is really good please update soon i cant wait for more
8/16/2006 c5 8Cat Calls
Thanks for the awesome writing! I don't normally like super!Harry stories, so I'll wait a bit to put it on my favorites list, but this one has potential!
8/11/2006 c5 AlisSilly
Great story i just fond it! I cant wait for the next chapter (and let it be know i have very very little pashinse:]) So please post the next update very soon. sorry about your boy hope he is better, and i know how hectic moving is, i've been though manny moves so good luck with that. Anyway great story and update soon! toodles :)!
8/11/2006 c5 Bluesnowman
Wonderfull story so far I can not wait for more.
8/10/2006 c5 18daisyduke8
Well that was mean, leaving us like that and all. I love the way you are weaving together Shara and Fawkes, using the snake the help put together the puzzle. Very smart. This is a great fic in the makings. You know, one of those long ones with thousands of reviews and hundreds of people hanging on your every word (sorry, didn't mean to add any pressure). Terribly excited for the next update!

8/10/2006 c5 GWPotter
oh my god this one is one hot fics, oh please continue cant wait for the next one. Harry and ginny rocks yay!
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