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for The Undead Chronicles: Sweeping Across the Nation

9/14/2006 c1 9ChaosWolf021
A skateboard with a chain around it for a weapon? Ingenious and original! I love it! Also intrested if you'll be expanding on that mention of telepathic communication between the zombies, twould be intresting.

However try to slow down your pacing a little. Throw in a bit more description so readers can have a better grasp of what is happening. Other than that this is great.

The bit with the empty school was creepy as well. The lack of students combined with the expectation of zombies (yet lack of) added an edge that isn't in most fiction. Will be waiting for your update.
8/13/2006 c1 52Miss Queen B
It would be nice if you continue. ^_^...please.

6/27/2006 c1 Trevylan

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