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3/5/2010 c7 1Ginga Ninja
3/5/2010 c3 Ginga Ninja

was not expecting that! ouch!
3/5/2010 c2 Ginga Ninja
Hayubi is evil! like, evil among the evil! :O! that doesnt make sense but he is bad.
3/5/2010 c1 Ginga Ninja
oh sasuke was cold! hope sasuke warms up a little! i think he was lying... Great start by the way! i can tell im hooked!
2/15/2010 c1 Guest
I re-read Inner Demons again. It still had the same impact as the first time I laid my eyes upon the words.

I can't believe how much I love the way you portray Sasuke's and Sakura's characters. They feel so much like themselves, there's 0-1% hint of OOCness.

Will you become active again?
1/24/2010 c11 skydancer
That's funny! I was thinking the same thing; "How could she hate characters she created herself?" But being a fellow writer, I understand completely. I'm also not very good at fight scenes but I think you're doing fine. It's even more difficult to write fit scenes for Naruto because they are generally so intense. Well, as long as one can get a general visualization, I don't think you necessarily need to get too detailed.
1/18/2010 c19 FermataGirl
Back on the hill, Sasuke sighed, “He’s already crying.”

Poor Naruto. XD

12/24/2009 c19 accontended
Ah this story is really amazing!I love how you kept the characters in well character!(: I love reading this story all the time!Fanatastic Work!:D

-much love,animelovinkidd
12/20/2009 c19 N3m0
aw it was the most romantic sasusaku fanfic ive read

i tryed not to cry cuz my older bro was next to me but i just shed tent tiny tears TT^TT its the most romantic fanfic i ever read!
11/25/2009 c19 Scarecrow.Weasel
Scarecrow.Weasel IS my username (I'm just lazy to log in, if you want to reply, send me PM)

WOW. I truly loved this story! Chap 16 and the second I usually only read AU SasuSaku stories, but I decided to try and read non AU stories, which is one of the few good decisions I've made about which stories to read. I like that fact that you didn't show Sakura as a weekling or crybaby. Sasuke's attitude was awesome, just like in the manga and anime. LOL, your fighting scenes were great! Anyways, truly amazing story!

If no one was reviewed in the last 5 minutes, I think I'll be 1300th person to!
11/19/2009 c2 3NaoChi-chu
11/10/2009 c19 2flare-hugs's finally finished..does it have a sequel? i would love to read it!
11/10/2009 c16 flare-hugs
wi...sasuke that is so sweet!
11/10/2009 c15 flare-hugs
go sasuke! kill that arrogant hayubi!
11/10/2009 c14 flare-hugs
sasuke's showing emotion..sasuke's showing emotion..sasuke's showing it..he'll soon give in..
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