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11/10/2009 c13 2flare-hugs
oh my gosh..why did you do're so mean...

-now in the venge of crying-f
11/10/2009 c12 flare-hugs
i have a very great feeling that sasuke will go back to konoha..!

on to the next chappie!
11/10/2009 c8 flare-hugs
oh..poor sakura..
11/10/2009 c7 flare-hugs

hayubi can't kiss sakura..that would be rape...ah...NO!
11/10/2009 c3 flare-hugs
-feeling sad at the moment after reading the chapter-
11/10/2009 c1 flare-hugs
nice one's OOC...and i think it's natural for sakura to say teme to sasuke..
10/4/2009 c1 Immersed.In.Longing
I really liked it :) Sakura calling Sasuke a teme was gold :)
10/3/2009 c19 1Afraidtodisappear
9/30/2009 c19 21MidniteCurse4Eternity
Aww that was a really touching story. I loved it. No wonder there's more than 10 reviews on this. It was awesome and the plot was good. The ending made me smile. It was cute. Naruto's soo adorable that the ending.
8/20/2009 c19 3xStarryyAngellx
7/10/2009 c19 Lisa Le
I think this is my third review on your fanfic. Anyways Your Fanfics are so awesome, and i love it. i think soon i'll read all your sasusaku fanfics. i hope you do more in the future. thanks =]
7/4/2009 c19 O.o
ow! this story was amazing and the end really gives you a warm fealing in your heart!
6/28/2009 c19 1konnichiha yoshi-chan
Aww this is like the best story ever! i love it!
6/17/2009 c1 1tearsofjoy159
this is a good story so far i mean i really like i just finished blind so good now this one i mean seriously i like the way sakura was all bitchy to sasuke and sasuke being orochimarus lil bitch listening to him hahaha
5/27/2009 c3 6darkXmai
this is SWEET!
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