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5/14/2016 c11 RoseyDevlin
Oh nooo another Sasuke fangirl xD woah that slight kiss on the lips got me off guard, tho i like the progress
5/14/2016 c9 RoseyDevlin
Ohhh i liked how Sasuke the cold hearted bastard still saved Sakura :)
5/14/2016 c8 RoseyDevlin
I though so far only 3-4 days has passed, i didn't expect for it to be 6 already o.o i found it weird cause why would Sakura suddenly say sorry if she and that guy did kiss...i mean he has said before he doesn't care...its like badass Sakura and then its back to weakness right after slapping Sasuke which he deserved
5/14/2016 c7 RoseyDevlin
YESS I LOVED THAT SLAP, GO SAKURA xD don't give in shannnarooo! Wtf at Hayabi tho...also im kinda confused where their at
5/14/2016 c6 RoseyDevlin
Hayubi and Mioko reminds me of Suigetsu and Karin. And here i was hoping for a break from the crazy new fangirl xD yesss im so glad you made Sakura punch Kabuto 3
5/14/2016 c5 RoseyDevlin
I forgot that Lee also was in that rescue team xD still got me a bit suprised indeed yet chosing him also made sense. Each time Sakura goes out she finds trouble and ends up being saved...*sigh* i would have been inside if i were her
5/14/2016 c4 RoseyDevlin
I think Sasuke will fight with Naruto or Neji :,D ahh i do hope Sakura gets the power back and make Sasuke realize she is not weak . avsgudhaa such an ass Sasuke is
5/14/2016 c2 RoseyDevlin
Yeaaaa Sasuke is so cold but im glad in your story there is no Karin :P i love this upset and angry Sakura
2/3/2016 c19 29KHB123
This was a very addicting story! I enjoyed it all the way! You've managed to portray both Sakura and Sasuke's personalities very well, and I'm always just full of feels for those two despite their imperfect romance. Well done!
10/27/2015 c19 Ems
this story is awesome! it feels like.. its real TnT
8/2/2015 c3 Viva
Woah. Awesome way to end this chapter. You had me on the edge of my seat.
7/9/2015 c1 Guest
Its Orochimaru. Not Orachimaru. XD crazy and fancy names, i know
6/17/2015 c19 Guest
Yay! I loooooooove it!
5/4/2015 c15 okay
You have a great skills for writting and your fiction can even be better. I think that you don't like sakura, I explain myself, she is so weak and so stupid that I barely can stand her, it's not against you, it just that the way you portay her. It a fanfic which means that you can improve give strengh and invent some kind of power to make her more powerful. I admire people who write because I can't, but you have magic in your fingers, so please next time make her powerful and please not a crybaby. I am fed up to read almost everywhere a weak and useless sakura! she can use genjutsu, medic skalpel to fight and it would be much better to think sometimes out of the box. Your sasuke is perfect I like the way you made him it's really how I imagine him !
3/3/2015 c19 1theeuniverse
The ending is so perfect! Thanks for making an epilogue part two! I love how Sasuke was always in character. 3
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