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1/3/2011 c19 cherryblossom
super fanfic i love it! 3
12/31/2010 c19 themanlymoustache
I loved this story so much. I laughed at some parts and went "aww" at others. You really made it into a lovely fanfiction that I will never forget. *tears up* T^T

It is truly one of my favorites. So, I can't wait to read more of your amazing fanfics. :D
12/25/2010 c19 8GaaraHinataWake
This was such a good, story, I really noticed a difference in your writing in the second epilogue. I liked the second one better because it really summed the whole story up. Nice job! :D
12/25/2010 c19 2xXSnowAngelPainterXx
wow, this was cool! xoxo sasusaku 4eva!
12/8/2010 c6 lala1221994

12/7/2010 c1 lala1221994
i like it when Sakura talks back to Sasuke and

dosn't let him walk all over her like in the Anime.
12/5/2010 c19 13Tukiko K
This is a better ending anyway. Nice story.
12/3/2010 c10 Newbie
I love the story! 8D

I got really girly and giggly when I read the close proximity between Sasuke and Sakura after thier short fight. IT WAS SO SUDDEN! I have to admit I was really stupid and didn't realise that it was going to happen.

I wish the fight would have been longer! Sakura is one of my fav fighters and I would have liked to read that she kicked his ass! Sasuke gets on my nerves a bit in the real 'Naruto' Manga and Shippuden.

11/27/2010 c19 3JezebelStrike
I liked this story a lot the chapters were reasonably long and it was interesting the whole story well at least I thought so. Good story
11/27/2010 c19 florever
Loved it! Now, if only the manga had a happy ending like that. ^_^

Athough, the ending made sasuke seem a bit OOC, but I guess I can't blame you. If he stayed in character, he wouldn't have loved sakura at all in the first place. Heheh

Well done!
11/27/2010 c16 florever
Aww that's cute! He's keeping his promise hehehe...
10/23/2010 c19 6Fuyutsuki Kasumi
Very good! Congratulations, SeriouslyJaded ;)
10/6/2010 c19 16Gimli McGuyver
just... wow... afraid that words cant really describe it and ai cant draw a picture on here... so wow will do for now ;)

but yeah bloody good read :P

i stumbled upon this while i was looking for my own naruto tale with exactly the same title to send a link to my mate... so i ckilck this think it was going to be an indirect copy (no offense) but i was then blown away by your emotive writing :P

keep up the good work :P
8/20/2010 c19 6IPreferLemonPie
I... I...


Really, I, I am amazed, you... You are just so amazing. How did you come with this? It's just... I'm amazed. Really. I don't get amazed that easily, if you look in my faves authors and stories there are alot but it's because I like to keep track of what I read and from whom I read from. But I don't have so many faves, really, but your story, it's just incredible. How did you come with it? I don't know, but I just know that I loved it and always will. You are just way too awesome for your own good.

Your story, your novel, your fic, or whatever you want to call it; made me cry, made me laugh, made smile and made me hate but of all of that it made me love. Though I already loved MY Uchiha Sasuke, your fic just made me love him MORE and I just thought that was imposible! Really, I love yout fic, it's just that I'm in a loss of words and Sasuke, so, so... kind. I just couldn't believe my eyes because of the greatness of your fic, of what you made Sasuke like. I just couldn't fall anymore for him, really, nah, not really, I fell eve more. Yeah I've been loving Uchiha Sasuke for six years now, the first time I dreamn't with him was when I first discovered Naruto, in 2004 I think... And well, I dreamnt of him and Sakura, I just don't know why but I dreamnt of the chapter 109 and 108, Sasuke's departure, though I didn't even knew of that chaps yet.

Well, getting back to what's important; your fic was amazing. One of my favorites. Really. And I think you can compete with the greatones like Stephenie Meyer, J.K Rowling, Kishimoto... etc. Really, that's how great your fic was for me.

You have a great talent you shouldn't waste it so... I hope you are planning on being a writer because I'd totally buy your books! Well, now I gotta go, I have to go to sleep around 9:30 in the morn I have to shower to go to my friends house to do a project. Bleh.

Well, really, loved your fic.

8/20/2010 c16 IPreferLemonPie
You know... I actually started to cry at this chap... I was trembling... That means that I LOVE YOUR FIC WITH ALL MY MIGHT! Well, gotta keep reading to give an awesome review at the last chap, ne?
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