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6/29/2006 c2 18Sarcastic Romantic
This is a very sweet story. I love the way you portrayed Sirius. I always pictured him as one of those childrem who would obsess over something. However, it's unlikely that a seven year old would suck their thumb (I'm referring to the other chapter). Just a comment, don't take it as offensive. I just want to be helpful. Oh, and I think you could make your chapters longer with a little more detail so as to help the plot along.

I think I rambled again. Can't wait for the next chapter.

6/29/2006 c2 2thequeeneb
XD it's still cute i love this so far very different from anything else being posted ^.^
6/29/2006 c2 Chanta
I wanted to make my reply to Amberhawk's review public, just so you all are aware.

Well, I was writing like that based off of how I acted when I was seven. I was extremely hyper and childish (I don't know why) and no one could shut me up. So...yeah. o.o I'll try to fix it in the next chapter.
6/29/2006 c2 6Amberhawk
Me:Aw!This was SO cute!I luff it!Not love-LUFF!Just ONE tiny,itsy bitsy,little mini thing,though...Seven year olds aren't that childish.

Chris:Yeah,I'm pretty mature,and I just turned eight on the...Heh,the you say sis?

Me:*Nods*A three year old would act that way,probably.My brother,Ty,acts that was all the time,and he just turned four.He even talks about werewolves...Wow.Are you stalking him?

Tenshi:That sounds scary!*Whimpers*I don't like stalkers!

Jay:*Hugs Tenshi*It's okay,Shi-kun.I'll protect you from the evil stalkers.Let's go into the bedroom,where it's nice and safe...

Chris:*Grabs Tenshi away*DON'T YOU DARE,YOU PERVERT!


Me:*Sweatdrops*Up-date as soon as you can,okay?I'm looking forward to chapter three!*Grabs popcorn and watches Chris and Jay yell while Tenshi is still clueless*

~~Sirius LIVES~~
6/28/2006 c1 2thequeeneb
chuckles this is cute far update soon ^.^
6/28/2006 c1 6Amberhawk
Aw,don't be ashamed of this chapter!One thing though,your story says completed at the little top of the page thingy,and I REALLY don't think it's completed...AT least,I hope it's not...Up-date soon!

~~Sirius LIVES~~
6/28/2006 c1 2Angels-above
lol, very good! update soon!
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