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5/4/2016 c12 Guest
I love it that sakura is very talented here :)
5/4/2016 c5 Guest
I wonder what's wrong with itachi here...i don't like your characterization of him.
5/4/2016 c1 Guest
This is interesting...but i think it would be more enjoyable if they were playing an RPG instead...hehehe
5/11/2015 c17 1whatnameshallitake
rereading just for 3-months-ago's sake ( ~ )
4/6/2015 c2 whatnameshallitake
the nightingale in asia in the REALITY is Regine Velasquez-Alcasid (from the Philippines) not bragging *you totally are* no I'm not *yes you are* well I-um well yes sorry...not sorry :P
4/5/2014 c17 3sakura.souen
damn the ending was cute! but Sasuke kept his computer really long... unless he just reopened his account on the new one... i really liked this story! really cute :)
5/28/2011 c17 AlyssWonderland
I'm glad you write this story, because it's exactly what I needed...A VERY RELAXING AND BEAUTIFUL STORY! ;) So thanks for that.
3/1/2011 c13 Annatole
*Snickers* Thanks to the summary you gave us in the beginning, I know what's going on!
3/1/2011 c9 Annatole
0_o Was that really suppose to happen, or did your story characters feel a little out of whack and decided not to follow the plot line? Either way, it was good!
3/1/2011 c2 Annatole
Hehehe, giggles!
3/1/2011 c1 Annatole
Aww! That's so adorable! But I really wonder how those two could be the same person! Nian's so, sweet (With a twinge of Sasuke in it) and Sasuke was so... Sasuke
8/5/2010 c17 1hechanovva
omg the ending is so adorable! I wanted to comment on the rest of your chapters but I just wanted to keep reading! I couldn't stop myself!
2/9/2010 c17 reader
i didn't like it. sorry.
2/7/2010 c17 Critic
It was a bit confusing at times but...It came out great :)
1/27/2010 c17 3G0thicBloss0m
Hahahah that was a cute ending, but hey I think 28 is kinda too old for sakura and sasuke’s sake of having a ‘baby’ maybe make it 22-25 years old we all know that if it’s all about sasusaku 16 is a legal age for them to even marry^^; anyways that’s my only objection with regards with your oh-so-cute story aside from some small typo errors nevertheless keep doing a great fic!
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