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for Letting the Bedbugs Bite

1/22/2015 c12 cathyscloud9
I really like your story but I am very sad that you haven't added to it in a long long time. Please come back and finish it. Let us know you are still alive out there. Thanks!
7/3/2014 c12 3Ariasujm-chan
Please, I need to know whats next, I love Neji, but also I like Shino, I wanna Know what happen with the team 3. The fic is amazing, please write the continuation soon!
5/27/2012 c12 49Fanwoman
Interesting place to start, given the end of the last chapter. Aw! How do you manage to make things awful for both parties while both parties have valid positions? Such a knack for it!

A genin who can do an elemental jutsu? Impressive! Ooo! That's cool, too! Go, Rio!

Huh. I'm not sure if the situation between Tenten and Shino was resolved or not, which was the reason I started, but I can't help wondering where this would have lead, what with her mission and all. Thanks for the interesting read. I sure hope you consider continuing it someday.
5/27/2012 c11 Fanwoman
Oh, that was a whole bunch of messed up feelings.

Gosh, I'd been beginning to think Sakura had died or something, since she hadn't been mentioned yet.

Wow! What is she going to do to those kids?
5/27/2012 c10 Fanwoman
Of course there'd be a funeral. Naruto had better have some awesome things to say about Kiba.

What was that all about?

Wow! You'd think, in a village of shinobi, who are supposed to be able to spy on people, that the gossip would be a little more accurate.

All that angst and steaminess, and you introduce yellow pajamas with ducks? LOL

Poor Neji.
5/27/2012 c9 Fanwoman
Oh! Akamaru, too?

Oh! Genius but mean to use Kiba dying for someone to say these things to Shino. It's heart-breaking enough that Kiba's dying, but that he has to have suffered the heartbreak of his dog being ill and never having told the woman he loves how he felt?

Aw! T_T
5/27/2012 c8 Fanwoman
No! Ino married Choji out of obligation? But he's such a likable fellow. Besides, I'd think they'd discourage anyone from those three families from intermarrying unless love was involved.

Poor Neji.

Nice to have Shino's side of that incident.

In a way, it's a good thing Neji can't have kids, because what would have happened to his kid if they'd managed to have one?

You make their encounters so subtle and gradual. So nice!
5/27/2012 c7 Fanwoman
Oh, now you have me worried, too!

How does an Inuzuka manage to be an ANBU? It's not like you can put a mask on a dog.

No! Poor little guy's barely been introduced, and now he's been kidnapped?

What the heck kind of thing is that for Naruto to say to Neji? How mean!

So sad! Okay, so I said that in my last review, but it's still true.
5/27/2012 c6 Fanwoman
Oh no! First feeling weird about Tenten whispering Shino's name in her sleep, and now a mysterious note from her past that she can't explain. This does not bode well for his sanity.

Whoa, poor Neji.

Yeah, she does deserve an apology.

So sad!

I can just guess what Phase Seven is. The lengths people will go to get their hands on a Hyuga.
5/27/2012 c5 Fanwoman
Oh my! Such a beginning!

Oh, Tenten! Be careful of what you say!

I really like the slow buildup of this, how it's not thrown at you all at once but takes time and circumstance, as it should.
5/27/2012 c4 Fanwoman
No way! You killed off Konohamaru? The kid who mastered rasengan at the same age as Naruto was killed during the chunin exams? That must have been a heck of an accident.

Another subtle, intriguing encounter.
5/27/2012 c3 Fanwoman
I'm normally not big on sympathy for Neji, but you make me feel sorry for him.

He did what?

Interesting! I hope you tell us about the bowl's significance by the end of the chapter.

Ah! I was wondering, if she arrived in Konoha a possessionless orphan, how she ended up with bowls. I wonder if the remaining one will return into the plot later.

Such an interesting, subtle interaction.
5/27/2012 c2 Fanwoman
From 7 to 24? That's a heck of a mission!

How could she forget the name of one of two teammates of a relative? He's only the heir of one of the three great clans of Konoha. Poor Shino, always being overlooked.

Such an intrinsic communication problem does not speak well of their relationship.
5/27/2012 c1 Fanwoman
Since there haven't been any new ShinoTenten stories in a bit, I'm reading the old ones. This one's next and looks like it'll be yummy!

Oh! You start with a bang! Ukon, huh?

Oh my! How intriguing! I have a feeling I will be very, very sad this is incomplete.
10/14/2009 c1 andre
please make tenten can be (will be )pregnant with NEJI child update soon 13ch .please nejiten forever
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