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6/29/2008 c14 12MiraiFutureGirl
i love this story! v's "caterpiller" is perfect

much better than my oc, who came about after watching the movie

please update soon!
5/21/2008 c14 ansible
You write V so well! I love their interchanging dialogue, perfectly arranged, and oh so wonderful! Thank you for updating!
5/12/2008 c14 3BlaqueCat13
Oh my...poor confused over why he is so confused at this moment...women have a way of doing that to their men. Heh heh heh. Oh I love love love how he has "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" living in his head...very funny. I'd just love to see V doing the Time Warp...hilarious, don'tcha think?
5/10/2008 c6 BlaqueCat13
I just love how you call her "the little beast" or "caterpillar" that is just hilarious...also I love how he has a group in his head and that they don't always let him in on the conversation. Too funny. This is great...this is the first time that I have read any of your stories and so far I like it, I get a good giggle out of it. :o)
4/26/2008 c14 1Lamentha
There were a lot of abstract concepts in this chapter that I think I may have failed in understanding clearly, unless you weren't intending to reveal anything specific just yet.

I felt for V in this one, and I have to assume that you've had children or younger siblings or something in your life. It takes someone who has had a close relationship with a child to truly understand the confusion and variety of emotions that another little human can stir. From sweet adoration to abject fury over things that seem petty even to the person upset.

Of course I love your writing style, and I was so excited to see that you had posted another chapter. (This has been my favorite V fanfic for a while.) I hope you continue!
4/25/2008 c14 12Lady Veantirme
Well, I never thought I'd see the day when you would post another chapter and I couldn't be more delighted to find I was wrong! An excellent installment. I have to admit I missed the interplay between V and Evey that usually peppers you chapters with humor and tenderness, but this was a very interesting and surreal jaunt into V's troubled mind. Very enjoyable indeed. Poor soul.

"Images of a little thing wrapped in his red kimono and playing in front of the mirror filled his mind and the thought of their inevitable fall into oblivion after she left, and later after he died, filled him with anguish. No, he’d have to find a way to save even his memories. The world should not forget beauty, especially –this- world, especially –this- beauty."

What an incredible line! One of your best to be sure! Please don't make us wait months and months for the next chapter! This is the first V fic I've read since last summer and I'm already re-addicted...
7/2/2007 c13 fear-of-sleep
aw, poor V! this was such a cute chapter. i demand more! lol i will await anxiously for the next one. :) hurry soon!
7/2/2007 c13 1Toraxchan
Aw, that has to be the cutest thing I've ever read! *giggles* Very interesting take on V and "E". Very, very good!
6/30/2007 c13 2Beeb
Ah man, poor V. This was a good chapter, and I'd really been looking forward to it, but that last bit made my own heart sink in disappointment.

And the bit where Little Miss E pounced on V and nearly gave him a heart attack was just plain awesome, right down to the Little Shop of Horrors soundtrack playing in the background. It was so random that it fit.

I really love this story. It's incredibly sweet, but also sad in certain ways. The voices in V's head disturb me, as does his use of drugs to drown them out...but heck, you just know the guy's gotta have a few problems, so I'm not gonna complain.

I also like how he never refers to his little friend as "Evey"... or at least I don't think he does. It kinda makes me wonder if she even is Evey, although I like to think she is. Anyways, it's an interesting detail.

Well, I think I've babbled enough for one review, so I'll conclude with saying that I highly anticipate your next chapter.
6/29/2007 c13 17BeliBali

I am so glad you are writing again, unfortunately, your writer's block scampered away from you and smacked me upside the head instead.
6/29/2007 c13 12Lady Veantirme
"A pair of strong legs moved mercilessly, devouring distance just as quietly as common citizens devoured their sorrows in a land that found weeping suspicious and even subversive." One of many lines that I loved in this chapter. The dialog felt natural and engaging as ever. There is something so familiar and comforting about this story, even the sad parts(like the end of this chapter and his observation about the new shoes). It's a qualilty I can't quite pinpoint and yet I think it's what makes me love this and all your stories. They feel real. It's like how you know your way around your home, even when it's dark, if that makes sense.

Simultaneously heart-warming and heart-breaking. You're brilliant.
6/29/2007 c13 1Lamentha

I love that Evey isn't the perfect child, a miniature adult, she forgets, becomes confused, and overlooks obvious things that normal children simply overlook.

V's hunger for her approval and affection is both endearing and realistic, a person who has never had such things would only be more entranced in a child's way of parceling these things out.

My heart is breaking for V. Ugh, wow, my stomach just dropped when I read the finish to her "I love..."

and V's reaction to it killed me. What a mood breaker, and after such a happy chapter!

Well, I trust your judgment, this has been an awesome Fiction so far, and I can't wait to read the rest!
1/31/2007 c12 fict101
read whole 12 chapters at once. Wow, what a story...please make sure to complete this story..I will be devastated not knowing the end..

Love the interaction between V & little E :)

Intrigued by V battling with his own many are they?

looking forward to the next chapter...
1/30/2007 c12 20Jack Hawksmoor
This story really *impressed* me. I just saw 'the proffesional' yesterday (which wrecked me) and this story put a little band-aid on my heart. I love the way you describe the voices in his head. It's very visual and unique and creepy. I can't wait to see where this is going.
1/29/2007 c12 1Lamentha
It was good to see V by himself for a while, to focus in on him and his thoughts, especially when they are centered on the needs of his little guest.

I love the way you work his personality and quirks into everything he does,even the way that he does his shopping is distinct, you really have a feel for him.

Thank You for writing this story, I look forward to every chapter, and thoroughly enjoy each installment.
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