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for Mademoiselle E

11/28/2006 c10 1Lamentha
The reference to the pink dress was hilarious! My God! *wipes away tears of mirth*

Wonderfull as always, THANK YOU for writing these stories, they give me something to look forward to. ^_^
11/28/2006 c10 2pinkarella7
Oh...cute, cute, cute, cute! I love your MM E stories! Please keep them up! I'm still awaiting your nest Nymphet chapter! :-D
11/28/2006 c10 17BeliBali
So, our little Lolita is still sleeping with him...and getting more bold...and wearing his clothes. What will our Humbert do? Ha ha ah hahahaa. I had half expected to suddenly see that thing I sent you in there. It almost seemed to be going that way.

On an alternate note...CD? you don't want one? Its the soundtrack to Goblin with a little Victor thrown in!
11/28/2006 c10 13CaptainPixie
“You’ll wet yourself if you laugh like that for much longer.”



“Unmentionable knickers!”

“Remember you are wearing my boxers and I’d like them to stay dry.”

I nearly spat my cuppa tea all over the monitor LOL that was a lovely update and well worth waiting for :)

11/28/2006 c10 7peachi padwan
I just adorethe dialogue in this fic. Simple but so funny and witty, just like a real conversation.

Love this chapter, hope to see more interactions in the next one!

PP x
11/28/2006 c10 12Redone
Your dialogue is superb, so alive and funny too.
11/8/2006 c9 1OssoZ
Another awsome chapter. Keep it up, this story is very cute.
11/7/2006 c9 17BeliBali
Sigh...and they are still sleeping together...see, I thought that little diddy I whipped up for you was perfect for these two. And though you claim you are NOT headed that way with them...I believe you are even if it is not in the means of the diddy. Oh well, sorry you didn't like it.

Will talk to you soon

11/6/2006 c9 15LSR-7
10/31/2006 c9 XDesativadoXXXXXXXXX
Your fic is so cute! I loved it! Keep writing!
10/30/2006 c9 13CaptainPixie
That was lovely, I really enjoyed that chapter, it was so sweet but also a nice deeper look into their relasionship, I was very impressed:)

10/30/2006 c9 7peachi padwan
What is V going to do with this little harpie in his bed?

Very curious this one i must say, but you're doing esceptionally well with it my dear!

PP xx
10/23/2006 c8 28TheShadowCat
Very nice. More soon please.
10/23/2006 c8 13CaptainPixie
Er, dont you mean November the fifth, that's when V escaped, that was why the date was so important to him and all...I'm nit picking arnt I, oh ignore me, that was a great chapter, I loved it and can't wait for more :D

10/22/2006 c8 17BeliBali
The vegetable killer. Funny! I love it.

So (coughs and whispers off to the side) what was um, she doing to him while he slept? (raises eyebrow) Hm? It must have been something Spicy...
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