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9/24/2006 c5 17BeliBali
oh look, spicy came out of hiding too. Hello spicy. Nice chapter!
9/24/2006 c5 7peachi padwan
Sweet chapter, we're starting to get a little more of her now and thats great!

Looking forward to more soon, dont leave it that long before updating again! xx
9/24/2006 c5 15LSR-7
Cute isn't very descriptive, but that's what I want to say about this story. I like how it's getting along.
9/24/2006 c5 3BlueBoxFive
Took you bloody long enough!

I was just about to send you a kick in the pants in hopes that this wasn't abandoned when the email alert showed up. Good riddence- you need more updates or longer chapters.

I miss this story :P
9/24/2006 c5 VveritasV
Oh, poor little EV and V is so very paternal. Good work.
8/18/2006 c4 1OssoZ
Nice chapter!

This is a really cute story. Different from all the angs stories that are spreading over the FF XD
8/16/2006 c4 12Redone
hehehe! Now he knows what's it like to have a woman in your life. :)
8/14/2006 c4 1Lady Light
hahaha love her!
8/14/2006 c4 Salt06
That was really sweet. I really enjoyed your last chapter. I look forward to more updates soon!
8/14/2006 c4 7peachi padwan
funny ending, well done! dont leave it so long to update next time mister! : )
8/14/2006 c4 15LSR-7
So they talked about food, will they ask for names in the next chapter?

Anywho, I think I'm liking this story. I am looking forward to the next chapter.
8/14/2006 c3 LSR-7
So he did all that and they haven't even learned each other's names yet.

8/14/2006 c1 LSR-7
Evey as a child? AU or somehow she will lose her memory.

Very curious.
8/14/2006 c4 3BlueBoxFive
Glad you decided to continue this, I thought it had been abandoned.

It's not the most original story in the world, but it's well written, and pleasent to read. I look forward to future chapters :)


8/13/2006 c4 5princess moon shadow
Love it!
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