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for Shopaholic Walks Down the Aisle

12/17/2017 c16 Guest
I think you did a good job. Sakura being a shopping-holic was portrayed well. (xxxholic anyone?) it was hilarious xD. At times Sakura did seem to care too much about clothes and shoes but come on it fit the story! She is a shopping addict so how could she not? Sakura's reactions were great. Very hilarious and sad. Syaoran and her were a match made in heaven since they both can tolerate each other and compliment each other so well in this story xD
Sakura is shown to have her flaws and so is Syaoran but they get past it. Most of the time they are portrayed as too perfect. At least in your story they are a bit more realistic in accepting thier flaws. Syaoran is a smoker and work crazy. Sakura is shopping-crazy and very idealistic but realistic xD
Anyway good job. I wish you luck on Vampire Hunter.
12/24/2014 c15 2animefangurlcraz
12/7/2013 c6 penleaf
I hated tabloids at the beginning of this chapter, I hate them even more-which I thought humanely impossible-when I finished it. Really great fanfic, tho!
4/1/2013 c12 14becomeafan
why did syaoran give emily a gift? and gave her a kiss at that?
4/1/2013 c10 becomeafan
why the hell is she drinking alcohol and taking in pain killers? Sakura should know better!
8/27/2012 c15 2e-yuri
Good story. Syaoran is so cool and Sakura so cute. At first I thought Sakura's character is too over, but she gradually be a better person because of love. Keep writing. I definitely read your Vampire Hunter. :)
11/2/2011 c15 15Dandy352
I just love this story! I'm hooked with your narration :)
11/2/2011 c12 Dandy352
This is just too emotional even for me...

In my opinion (and please don't be mad at me for this), they're both wrong. The baby should have been the priority. Both of them not giving it attention, Sakura letting herself go on without check up and Syaoran not using his status as her "BOSS and might as well say, "HUSBAND" to command her to do the right thing. Simply put, they weren't the most responsible of parents YET.
11/1/2011 c2 Dandy352
Yeah, the fact that he's watching her with such face when she's carrying Danny was a giveaway he's thinking of marriage seriously :)
7/18/2011 c15 16Shibue Miyuu
I'm sad when Sakura got misscariage. Hope she and Syaoran will have a cute baby-girl in the future! And I agree about the shoes thing. The feeling and al the romance, I like and love it very much.
3/27/2011 c15 1Liley
Sigh this was such an wonderful story.
11/1/2010 c16 annie
10/26/2010 c16 Crazy-Hime

im so excited reading the next story...

well... going to read it now...


10/26/2010 c15 Crazy-Hime

super cute epilogue...

sakura is so lucky having syaoran...

well... love your both story...


10/26/2010 c14 Crazy-Hime
Super kawaiii...

chappie 1 to 14 is soo great...

i love your all of your stories...

keep up the good work...


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